Need Help Finding A Pitching Model

I need to find a pitching model to base my mechanics off of. My old delivery just sucks and I’m gonna get nowhere with it. I need to find someone comparison to me. As of right now I’m 5’10" 155lbs with a small frame. I know there aren’t many comparisons at my size now but I need to find someone similar. DON’T SAY TIM LINCECUM. I WILL NEVER COPY HIS MECHS. Thanks alot for your help

You could look at Johnny Cueto of the Reds only difference is he weighs 30 lbs more than you.

Yeah I highly doubt anyone in the MLB weights 155 lbs :lol: Thanks

Nolan Ryan
greatest ever

Nolan Ryan is the total opposite of me. He’s tall weights alot more then me and has a big frame. I’m asking for help not who you think is the best and everyone one should copy.

its not the person its the mechanics

big or small his mechanics were simple
good arm action
the only thing distinct was the high leg lift

not many guys in the majors like this
lincecum pedro martinez francisco rodrigeuz
most pitcher are at least 6’0 6’2

well what I really meant by that was undersized. There for ,I’m looking for someone who gets the most out of there body.

[quote]well what I really meant by that was undersized. There for ,I’m looking for someone who gets the most out of there body.


nolan ryan
high leg kick
long stride

Why do you need to base your mechanics off of someone else?

its easier to learn mechanics without a coach if you look similar to someone else and can fix you own mechanics.

[quote=“kelvinp”][quote]well what I really meant by that was undersized. There for ,I’m looking for someone who gets the most out of there body.


nolan ryan
high leg kick
long stride[/quote]

Nolan Ryan still isn’t undersized.

He doesn’t. He said his reasons ^, it just helps to have a base. It’s not like necessary or anything though.

i really hate to say this, but for you i would just say what feels natural. dont worry about how mechanically sound it is at first, just throw. copy the delivery u started in little league and then make the neccesary modifications.

just do every thing correctly to prevent injury

Billy wagner has weight on you but he’s under 6 ft. But the weight will come with you getting older.
Also you have to convert lefty mechanics to righty

i wouldnt look to someone your size to copy. instead find someone with similar arm action as yours and just do whats comfortable and what makes you the best.

another thing. i know everyone wants to be able to throw really hard but the toughest guys to hit off of arent the ones throwing hard straight fastballs, its the ones who can place and command it and have movement on it.

When i first started pitching (a couple years ago) i didnt know much about mechaniques. I was kinda worried about all the mechaniques asking my coach if it looked alright and all that. What he told me was just throw your hardest and everthing else would come into place. Everytime i tryed hard to work on the mechs id throw throw lob it and all that. I had a good arm from playing outfield. But like some ppl are saying dont worry about it too much. As you keep pitching youll find little things to change that will feel more comfortable. Right now just try and throw strikes, throw hard, and stay healthy. Just try and keep things basic up there and focus on hitting the catchers glove rather than looking like someone. Everyone has different mechs for a reason. Just go out there and throw hard :wink: but thats just me


The NPA’s mechanics model is based on the commonalities of some of the best pitchers in the game. At the same time, it allows for those differences that exist between pitchers. This model is described in the NPA’s book, The Art and Science of Pitching and in the NPA’s Pitching Mechanics video. These are relatively inexpensive.

everyone in the majors is different. but all if then share two common things: a good high coked position and good hip shoulder seperation ( i would say good momentum to the plate but thats a given.) i use to obsesse on trying to perfect my mechanics. your body is diiferent from everyone else. from your size to minor things like the flexibity of your rotator cuff, which liitle things make a difference. i wouldnt say do what “feels natural”. i say do what feels the smoothest with the most force going toward the plate.


Found the perfect pitcher to emulate (SetPro teachings). Grant Balfour, 6’2" 190 lbs. can arm angle