I’ll be getting a digital video camera soon. I plan on posting as many pics as I can untill then. I threw a 50 pitch pen today, I adjusted a few very simple things in my delivery. A couple things I think I need to do is have a bit longer stride, and roll my back foot a little more pushing off. Also instead of looking down when doing my leg kick, I’m looking at the glove throughout my deliverey.



There you go. I just changed the “img” tags to “url” ones … but … one has to register with that site just to see them. Turns many people off, including me.

just copy the IMG tag from photobucket and use the IMG thingy on here then paste

I have no idea how fast I throw, we take the gun out on the last practice (though last year when i had elbow/forearm problems, i couldn’t throw that close to full speed and it was in the low 60’s). Oh and by the way…I’m 15 right now and in the pictures too if that really matters.

A couple things I think need work…
1.Longer stride
2.rolling my back ankle more , push off foot for more momentum toward home (not too much to alter it to the left side of home plate when you’re looking at it on the mound)
3.better follow through w/back leg

and whatever you guys think, don’t be afraid to criticize me either, like i said…I NEED HELP BAD!!

What do you mean by “better follow through with my back leg”? What do you feel you need to do in that regard?

like in the bottom picture, i think i need to bend over and bring it over my head more for a better follow through