Need Control Help

The video isn’t very good at all but this is what i got for now.

I’m about to be a junior in high school and I don’t have great velocity so I’m thinking I should really work on control. What can I do to help with my control. I know it comes with practice but is there like anything like drills or specific mechanical things to work on?

by now your coach probably looked at video of you and helped you out mechanics-wise so if those are pretty good, then nothing mechanically you can do. i mean make sure tho that you drive towards the plate. when you are on the mound look at your drag line from your push foot, if it ends off to a side it’ll probably be harder to have good controll

Well I really don’t have a pitching coach at my school for J.V. so if you would like to put your input in about my mechanics please do.

If you are throwing too high then make your stride longer but if you are throwing short then make the stride a little shorter.

it doesn’t look like you are getting a good load in your back. you don’t extend your front arm much. if you do fully extend both arms (each slightly pronated at extension), you will have much more muscular resistance built up when you fire thru to throw. this will deffinately add a few mph to your pitches. i worked on this at the begining of this season, we called it the “scap load” b/c you put a pretty big load around your scapulas

you will gain control from simply throwing more. everytime you throw you should look at it as a chance for you to improve your control, with practice you will definatly improve. Also your control will improve when you learn consistency in ur delivery