Need batting help!

I need to know some training tips to make my swing faster i use a hallow metal
bat and i don’t seem to be hitting as far as i could so if u have any tips on how to get a faster swing please awnser

Although some of the people on this board may be knowledgeable with hitting, it’s not the strong point or purpose of this particular site, which is really pitching specific.

swing a heavier bat in practice. i bought a big wood bat for the offseason and practice and that helped tremendously. last year i batted .280, and this year im hitting .365 overall and hitting solid liners and leading my team in ab’s, hits, singles, doubles, rbi’s, and runs. the heavy bat really helped a lot with my bat speed. or i also have a heavy pipe that i play tapeball in my yard with. thats a real workout! just make sure that its heavy enough for you to get a good work out with but light enough so you can control it.

Being that this is a pitching specific forum, you might struggle to get good answers here. I am going to recommend another forum…

I have learned much about hitting from this forum. If you have any video and you can post it, there are many knowledgable posters over there that will be able to help you out.