need advice

Hey all, im a 14 yr old pitcher/shortstop and ive gotten a whole bunch of adivce to improve my game. But one thing i tend to do is fall over to the left. any advice?


4 seam fastball 60-65 mph
knuckleball 8-10 mph slower
Curveball: 45-50 mph
changeup: 8-10 slower
Splitter: just not sure

easy fix im 15 and i had the same problem make sure ur knee isn’t bending out to the left keep it tight and in a bit should fix ur problem. make a video of u pitching and u will see wat ur knee is doing!

Assuming you’re a RHP falling off to the left, there are a number of possible causes of that. You might have postural issues. You might have timing issues (opening up early). You might lack momentum to carry you forward.

Post some video and we should be able to identify the cause of your falling off.