Need Advice or Tips (Video included)

Hi, I’m new to the forum
My name is Danny
I am 20 years old, and I am currently involved in a baseball team in my university (in Taiwan) for each departments.
We are not that “serious serious” because we are not that physically gifted and aren’t that good XD
but I would like to improve my pitching
Can someone watch the video and see if there are any problems with my mechanics? (sorry I had it filmed from behind the catcher so it’s kind of hard to see)
Am i using too much arm and not my lower body?
How fast am I throwing (roughly)?
Are they OK or how should i improve?
Im throwing fastballs (gripped as a 4 seamer but it seems to move like a 2 seam fastball). I begin throwing breaking balls at 1:15
thanks!! appreciate the help

From what I can tell, you don’t look too bad. But is does look like you could use a little more momentum to create more energy and lengthen your stride.

Yeah, like Roger said you really need to use your legs to get more velocity on the ball. You have some good movement on your pitches.

a lot of people tell me about using my legs, but i’m still not sure how to really maximize my leg strength to get more velocity.

To maximize your leg power, you gotta work them out. Do a lot of leg work (squats, lunges, etc.). What I do is try to swing my leg towards 3rd base and really gain ground with my stride.

can you see any flaws in my pitching mechanic through these pictures?

I can’t see the pictures - just red X’s.

To generate more momentum, you need to get your front hip moving sideway toward the target sooner (like right before the peak of your knee lift) and faster. Try to maintain the same knee lift but get the front leg to be faster moving out to foot plant.

Because your center of mass will be moving faster, it will take more strength and flexibility to maintain good posture and balance. It will also take more strength for the front leg to firm up and brace when the center of mass is moving faster.

I don’t like the cue to “use the legs” because I feel it puts all the focus on the legs when there should be some if not most focus put on the hips.