Need advice on what to do next with almost 10yo

I’m having trouble knowing what to do next. This my son’s first year of kid-pitch…but, we started working a little on it last summer. I feel his mechanics are pretty good overall…with some problems here or there (i.e. not following through correctly with backside - we are working on that.) But, he’s really struggling with a good strike ratio.

There’s only a few weeks left in his season, so I don’t expect this to be corrected by then. But, I’d love to have some sort of effect take hold so that he can have an in-game glimmer of hope. Right now…I don’t think his coach (me) is wanting to put him on the mound.

With young beginners like this, start with the foundation of a good delivery: balance and posture. In a nutshell, get him to eliminate all head movement in any direction except towards the target. His head should not move side to side, back (towards 2B) or up and down (his head should drop over the course of his stride as he is moving down the mound and planting on a bent front leg - you just don’t want a big drop at the beginning of the stride).

For your son, specifically, his head moves toward 1B as he lifts his knee. Basically, he is not able to accomodate his knee lift and stabilize his posture. You could have him tone down the knee lift but I would first try having him start in a more athletic stance by bending the knees and waist. Think “batting stance”. This will engage the core muscles more and possibly allow him to stabilize his posture with his knee lift.

After balance and posture comes taking care of the glove. Looks like your son was taught to point the elbow at the target. Not too many pitchers I know actually do that. I prefer extending the glove arm to mirror the throwing arm as this helps with balance and timing which will become important.