Need advice on my actual talent

i am 16 years old a junior and just made varsity
all i do is pitch
im around 6’3 225lbs and my highest radared fastball is 84 mph, typically im at 80-82 mph. i have a good changeup that breaks down and in but my curveball sucks. I have only been pitching seriously for about two years so i still have mental lapses. Lastly i am an extremely late bloomer, i still dont shave at age 16 and the doctor says i will be at least 6’4.
Am i on the right track to pitch in college? and what should i do to possibly increase velocity?
sorry for rambling

You’ll be fine.

good to hear

The question was, “Am I on the right track to pitch in college?”

I don’t think you’ve included enough baseball facts about yourself for a rendering of an opinion. Once you have provided those facts, which might include a video posting of your pitching, you will want to know the credentials of anyone who offers an opinion. Until then you might as well consult as ouija board for that answer.

The other question, “What should I do to possibly increase velocity?”

If there is one topic that is routinely discussed here at LTP, it has to be “increases in velocity.” Search and you will find plenty of help on that one.

Keep working…desire is something that can’t be taught.

Well you didn’t provide a ton of information but based on your size it sounds like someone will take you, and you’re velocity is not bad, trust me I’m 17 and I still only throw in the 70’s (I’m more of a position player).

I know what you mean about being a late bloomer, my facial hair just started coming in last fall and it’s white so it’s not visible unless grown out. And don’t worry man it’s nothing to be ashamed of, some of us just develop later than others.

Anyways, I think you could pitch in college somewhere, I don’t know where but I’m certain somebody would take you.

Keep working on that duece but don’t let it hold you back a fastball and a good change up are more important than your breaking stuff.

I wish I had your height I’m only 6’ 0" but if it weren’t for this knee problem I have I’d be 6’ 3" or 4". The bones in my knee overlap instead of lining up or something like that.

thanks guys
ya i didnt provide much ill try to get a video of me soon
i have one from a couple weeks ago
soon…itll b on here :roll: :idea:
btw just xtra info i live in southern california and the talent level is pretty high for the most art
oh and dude dont worry about being 6’0 thats fine for any position…seriously
i have a friend who is 5’8 who would kill to be that tall
dont worry :baseballpitcher:

here are few things to do to work on your curve

one thing ive done is take a softball and just throw curves with it about 45 ft just work on on getting the spin real tight. working with a soft ball will force you to get on top of the pitch and when you grab a baseball your curve should be alot shaper.

another thing you could do is get two tennis balls and tape them together figure 8 style one on top of the other. grab the bottom ball and try to get it to spin ball over ball.

take it easy and good luck

good news
my coach taught me a spike curve and it breaks like crazy
just insane
anyone else ever try that pitch?

ya dude thats a nasty pitch if you can get the hang of it