Need advice for my future


hi im 19 years old and im from Puerto Rico, my fastabllis at 85-87 i got a knuckle change and curveball, i whant to live in the united stated preferably Florida and i want a new start because my university grades are not that good because of my home prblems thats why i want to leave, im looking for universities and asking on what to do but i get no response, anyone have any ideas onwhat can i do?


If you are 19 there are a few options for you:

  1. If you really are that talented you go bug some team, but that’s not a good idea

A better idea would be to find a community college or junior college with good coaches and a baseball team. If you work extremely hard or not only baseball and grades you can move from those colleges to a bigger university. Unfortunately you are too old for high school, so this is your best option. It’s going to take a lot of sacrifice. If you don’t intend on a baseball future you can still do the same thing and just not play for the school team. There are also baseball academies. You can google search these things.
Hope this helps.


thanks for the advice, im going to start seaching for Florida, thank youuu


Also you may be able to get into a bigger university, but that may be harder, you’ll have to look into it, but if they are recruiting their might be a way. I’m not sure what that would be like or how you would showcase. You can still apply for regular college if you feel it’s the right path for you.