Need advice for my 11yr old

In the fall my son who was 10 had an mri on his throwing shoulder. The dx was a torn labrum. Doc ordered PT. After 8 weeks no improvement in pain and range of motion. We ended up taking him to a sports massage therapist who was able to get my sons range of motion back within about two weeks. We took my son back for an mri and told by doc his arm was healed up. He started throwing (not pitching) slowly and swinging a bat. For a few weeks he would get sore but would go away after a day. After one batting practice the soreness did not go away. Took him back for a massage but the soreness has not gone away. The massage helped but the soreness is in his trap muscles. We are taking him back to the doc but there is no pain according to my son it is just sore. This sorness lasted for a week went away and came back. When he swings or throws he says it hurts.
Any advice?

Could be time for a second opinion. I’d suggest jin the forums at the American Sports Medicine Institute (
) and post what you posted here over there. Also include the city where you live and ask for a referal. They will likely be able to refer you to a good sports medicine doctor.