Need advice for 10 yo?

My son is 10yo, will be 11 in 2 mos… will play 11u in the spring. We started pitching again 3 weeks ago after a 5 week break. He currently averages 51mph, range of 50-54. His height is a little below average. Good strike percentage. Usually a good circle change. Coming off the break his mechanics are the best I’ve seen with him so I am hesitant to add/change anything to increase his speed. At what point with a youth pitcher do you continue to change mechanics to increase speed vs just reinforcing what they have? Does speed come if you keep doing the fundamentals correctly? At some point do you just let them get comfortable with their current mechanics?

changes are for offseason… tweaks for inseason.

Velocity is a result of efficiency, genetics & hard work. At his age dont worry about velo… just quality mechs & consistency.Start from the ground up (lower body & glove side first) & then upper body. a lot of times lower body mechanics development ends up fixing the “effect” it had on a perceived upper body flaw.

One thing at a time before you add in the next piece. Long journey… eventually changes become tweaks. Adjustments never end… the best in the world watch & compare video looking for areas to improve or clean up.

lots of great resources on this site… pop up a video on occassion & adjust him in realistic/progression fashion.

If you aren’t moving forward, you are moving back. If you are happy with his mechanics then there are other things to work on would include velocity, location and mound craft.

Solid consistent mechanics are the cornerstone to pitching. At 11 years old the focus should be on building those solid mechanics and becoming consistent with them.

At 11 he is too young to worry about velo. Thats not to say he shouldn’t throw 100%. But, the key at this age should be to develop consistency and learn to locate his pitches. The velocity will come as he grows, gets stronger, and becomes more efficient.

Just finished two days on LL tryouts. It’s amazing how much better a kid can look after a year of growth. Stay with the basics and velocity will follow.