Need advice bicep/top of shoulder

30 years old, decided to join an amatuer baseball team to pitch 10 years off the couch, put about 5 weeks of 30-40 pitch bullpens together then got first start. 4 outs away from no hitter in a 7 inning game, closed out the game strong and gave up 1 hit, (man do I miss this) unfortunately I have not been able to throw with velocity since that day. Pain is in bicep/shoulder when attempting to throw with any velocity, and it’s been about 4 weeks. Any idea on what it could be, feel like it’s never coming back. Back to the couch for me?

The pain really hurts when extending my arm up and behind me, then coming through with velocity.

I’m kind of on the same boat as you right now. Four weeks is way to long to still be hurting. Sounds like you went to hard to fast. Did you throw with much intensity in your bullpens prior to the start ? 7 innings after ten years off sounds like too much as well. Did you do any light throwing in the following days after the start

I am able to throw lightly but as soon as I try to put some velocity on the ball same pain seems to be lingering so I just shut it down, definitely went to hard to soon but what would that cause, tendinitis, strain, tear? Such a tease to come 4 outs away and then not be able to throw anymore, super bummed.

4 weeks along I would seek a diagnosis. It may just be a strain or injury causing tendonitis but if there is a tear, you need to treat accordingly. Continue with rest and incorporate cold therapy. If it is just tendonitis, which is inflammation of the tendon, you need to get that down. Even though not a fresh injury cold may still help. Look at this wrap. It is for the leg which is what I bought it for but I have actually used it wrapped around my bicep numerous times. Just a suggestion.
May not get right up to the shoulder but the bicep for sure.