Need a Third Pitch(NOT A CHANGE-UP)

I have been trying to learn to throw a change up since this spring and it just isn’t clicking. I have yet to throw one for a strike this YEAR!(Spring, Summer ,and Fall). So i think it is time for a different pitch. I throw a 4 seam and a curveball which has lost some movement since I tweaked my mechanics a little over the last two Summers. I don’t throw very hard so I can’t over power many people really (I’m 16 throwing around 70). So I need some ideas on a third pitch so i can work on it now and have it by Spring…

i’ll tell you something, you cannot throw under average and be sucessfull in any leagues without changing speed like a change-up. watch any pitchers that throw low to mid 80’s in the majors and they ALL have a good change-up. otherwise you become a batting practice pitcher. but to answer your question without answering change-up, try a splitter like steve trachsel he throws in the mid 80s but throw a lot of splitters and curveballs. he still have a change-up though.

I never really had much success with my changeups either, but have you tried all the grips? I know there’s the volcan, circle, 3-finger… probably a few more that I don’t know (pardon my lack of knowledge). If you can’t get your changeup to work, try throwing a splitter, because you absolutely need an off-speed pitch to be successful, even if you have to try to smother your 4-seamer to take some speed off of it.

A split or forkball isn’t a bad idea as your offspeed pitch. There are a number of MLB pitchers who can’t or don’t throw a regular changeup, but use a splitter/forkball instead.

Roger Clemens and John Smoltz throw splitters.

Who says you have to throw the change for a strike? Splitters routinely drop out of the zone. I think you need to rethink your perspective slightly, look for a pitch that serves a purpose. Actually if the change is up in the zone you will find yourself getting a stiff neck from watching shots blow over the outfield fence. How about this little strategy? For the first time through the order don’t show that you even have a change, set folks up on the fastball and changing locations, then the next time through, on pitches of decision, bust out the change (Insure you have a catcher that can drop and block), my opinion is that your coach will be astounded at what a great strike out pitcher you have become. I would say a majority of mlb k’s are out of the zone, why speed up some donkeys bat in the zone…make em fish for some slow death that "just disappears…
Or develop a splitter…but get used to the idea that staying in the zone in the upper levels of pitching is death.

yeah jd is right… i use to feel the same way … like why cant i throw this damn pitch over the plate… then it hit me … thats great… let me blow a start off with strike 1 which is the most important pitch of all … … get ahead in the cound and throw my shitty (excuse my french) change up that always lands in front of the plate … you dont know how many people fish for it … then they get frustrated that they swing at it and their head is all over the place the next atbat. then i may start out with a slider for a strike throw a fastball for strike 2 and throw a fastball in the dirt and have them swinging at that… its all a mind game use waht you have and make the best of it… but you do need a change up …

also what you can do is if your trying to throw the circle change up and its not working try the three finger change up … i think its on this website somewhere .

Those strategies are fine and i think that way but my problem is I have no control over the pitch at all it tends to be high and if I don’t miss high its way outside or almost hitting the guy. It just doesn’t come out of my hand right and when it does feel like it comes out right it isn’t any slower than my fastball.

I do try other grips like a three finger and a circle but they just don’t come out of my hand smooth.

the change up is a feel pitch…you have to throw it and throw it and throw it…ive been working on one for 2 years and im just starting to get it. i think the best way to get a feel for your change is to stand about 90 ft away on flat ground and throw a fastball, then a change, fastball, change…over and over. the change is the most dangerous pitch in baseball if you have a good one.

And Magibumm, well you’ve spent quite some time on development already, like velo (Who is exactly right it is a feel pitch and I couldn’t have said it better than he on how to get it going) said. You also have to mentally commit to the pitch, believe you’re going to throw it.
But like I said, if you are just dead-set believing you can’t…(I hope you never think like that by the way…) work on a fork or a splitter, something you can change speeds on and change eye levels of the batter. Pustulio would have you whip out a knuck…which is a pitch all about that. You said you throw a 4 seam, why not work in a 2 seamer and pronate to get some sinker action going?
Spring is right around the corner, it will be up on you before you know it, if you are going to add a pitch and you’ve had your active rest, then I’d get to it asap, within your conditioning reqieme.

Sometimes it’s not that you can’t throw a pitch but more of, being more efficient to spend time on a pitch that is more natural to you.