Need a routine

Hey guys, I just posted in the injury forum as well if you want a more indepth idea of my situation.

Im 22, Freshman in college this year, was a Navy SEAL, havent played organized baseball for about 8 years (lol). But i had a AA Lefty friend I spent alot of time with and he got me thinkin about pitching. So now I wouldl ike to play some form of pitcher at my school (not on the real team just a club at the school, they travel to other schools as well with a try out…etc)

So Ive been throwing for about a month now i can do 50pitches every 3-4 days. Sometimes on the longer rest i feel 100% fine with my elbow/bicep and get in 100 pitches over two session split in about 1.5hr.

Thing is ive been doing 50 pitches in sets of 8(how many baseballs i have) and i throw into a strikezone bag on to a backstop. I pick the balls up and go back to throwing at a semi intense rate over the 8 balls and repeat…should i rest more, ie true game pace of say 12-15 pitches with a 10min break?

Anyways, Im now wanting to become more organized and learn right from the beginning so if you know a good workout/pitching routine i can use that would be excellent. like a cycle to do and enjoy and build me up correctly. I would love to be any sort of pitcher on a team, i just enjoy the competition and my drive to be a perfectionist… which is what makes pitching interesting to me. I would love to be able to command my arm like a pro.

Any idea or how you do off season/ preseason workout/ups would be highly appreciated.

Here`s what I used to do before I went to college. I hope it helps, it sounds like we have similiar setups.

Warmup playing liight catch just to get things moving. Take your time.

Mark of 55and 606`` from your strikezone bag with just a line or somehting easy to see.

Place a batting tee (road construction cones work well) on the corner of the strikezone.

Start form 55` and concentrate on hitting the ball off the tee. Do not throw overly hard, but throw firm. Use full mechanics and just work on your release points.

As you get better move back to the 60`6`` line and go form there.

Be able to do this with a fastball and changeup (not sure on your offspeed ability) Keep track of how many out of 20 you are able to hit every day.

Do 2X20 form both lines with a 5-7 minute break inbetween sets to let your body recover.

Do this M W F and on T TH (Saturday once your arm gets stronger do the following.

1X10 flatground pitches at a gamelike speed (full mechanics)

2X10 throws at 100% with just a step and a throw

3X10 full crow-hop and throw at 100%

2X10 Throws at 100% just step and throw

1X10 flatground pitches at a gamelike speed

May not be out of a book but it is something that worked for me.

Good luck, and thanks for serving.