Need a prank on lockeroom

its a thing we do every year to the lacrosse locker room that is next to the baseball one. any ideas on a good but harmless prank this year?

I’ve done a couple of these before: Stink bomb, but instead of letting it bleed out slowly, STOMP on it. Fart spray also works well. Switch their lacrosse balls with baseballs?

This was a prank that was played on us.

We were the visiting team and someone spread fish oil on the inside of the pull handles of our locker room’s swinging doors.

That smell drove us nuts for four innings and everytime time somebody would go in and out of the locker room… we’d get another dose of that junk on our hands, then on the bats, then on the helmets… and other places that I can’t mention when anyone had to … you know … go!

To this day I’ll still pause before grabbing a locker room door.

Coach B.

maybe replace their sticks with the little plastic ones

We did the same thing to the lax team. We released pigs, and chickens in there locker room. It was great.
And for one guy in particular (who we did not like at all) we put a huge rat snake in his locker, and when he opened it, he ran screaming (literally) from the locker room. Gotta love it