Need a New Pitching Glove

Show me whatever you guys have for left handed pitching gloves! Any price, any brand

I thought all lefties used Wilson A2000s :smile:

There was a recent thread on gloves. Lately, I’ve been partial to rawlings gloves.

Your best bet is to go to a good sporting goods store (such as Sports Authority), see what they have, try a number of them on for size and see what’s most comfortable for you—and get two or three of them.

Rawlings are my preferred choice too. And as I previously said in another post – all black or nothing :imp:

Black Wilson A200 I’m a left hander and that’s what I use

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im lefty and I have an a2k, any self respecting lefty pitcher has a a2k

Exactly! lol

Remember that a glove is going to be part of your physical makeup. In other words it has to balance you off and still fit the bill for a glove.

Some pitchers prefer a light glove that has little or now weight to it. Others prefer a glove that has weight to it. Either way, you can compliment your pitching style with a glove that “works with you,” not just something that looks good and a glove that everyone else uses.

Equipment is not an appointment that makes you any better than your training and desire to perfect your craft. Some pitchers use a different glove either during a game or for mounds that have a particular feel to them. Again, remember that a glove is an extension of your own body and how you balance yourself while working. And by the way, Zita’s suggestion is a good one, if you can afford it. In that regard, tag sales, rummage sales and garage sales can be a really good place(s) to get a good glove cheap.

A great all around glove in my opinion is almost anything Mizuno I used to have a Rawlings but it just didn’t feel right. After I switched a Mizuno with the exact same specs I was a lot more comfortable. When I say all around. When I wasn’t pitching I was playing third base so it was a great pitchers glove and a great fielding glove!

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Rawlings Sure Catch Youth is the glove that I would recommend. We are very pleased with the quality of this glove - it’s original softness, size and flexibility. It was easy for our son to learn to use when holding and catching a baseball.