Need a new pitch!

my name is ryan and i play 15u USSSA/AAU baseball i throw low 80s on my fastball and throw a 4-seam, 2-seam, curveball, and change-up (which my coach rarely calls, maybe 2 a game) so i would like to add a sinker to my arsenal or maybe a splitter but i throw three-quarters not completely over the top i could post a video on my release point and things but i was just wondering if anyone could help me come up with a another pitch. thx alot

I’d just master those get good command on your curveball if you really focus on that pitch you will have a lot of respect on the mound. Try working with your change-up if your throwing in the low 80s

Nothing wrong with throwing a sinker or splitter from 3/4. Clemens and Smoltz throw splitters at 3/4.

Is there any reason you feel the need to have another pitch? Why choose the sinker or splitter? With the sinker you’re trying to induce groundballs. Is that your goal with the sinker? The splitter is generally used as a “chase” pitch. You’re not trying to throw it for a strike. If you cannot develop a change, you can try the splitter or forkball. Some pitchers, such as Dan Haren, use the split or fork as their offspeed pitch.

your arsenal sounds good, but you can try changing arm angles with ya pitches which will get you different movements. you can even try some pitches that don’t work well at 3/4 but will work great at a lower angle (sidearm or 5/4). thats what i did w/ a cutter and it works like a good slider at the 5/4 arm angle

I throw in between sidearm and 3/4 too but i tried a splitter/sinker before and it dosent drop. i dont know what hand you throw with but i’m lefty and it seems that after i moved my fingers closer to the top of the baseball with my 2 seam fastball grip that the ball dropped alot more but i usually have them down more so the ball runs away from righty’s. hope this helped a little bit.

Remember a sinker and a two-seam fastball are pretty much the same. To get more action on your sinker, try releasing it off your middle finger.

Try a slider.

What bower said

I also agree with Bower

You should wait until your at least 17 for a slider. DONT try it now. A cutter is also closely related to the slider and has the same stress as a fastball.