Need A little Help

Heya, well im 14 years old and have absolutely no breaking pitches at all.

I throw an average of 65-70 MPH so i can overpower most of the batters at my age but its kind of frustrating when trying to throw a curveball, ETC with no luck.

Is there some nice tutorial or something of how to throw a correct curveball or something of the sorts?


(I play on one of the best travel teams in my area, so a curveball is kinda a big help)

Of course, you should develop a change-up before worrying about the curve. And many will tell you that you’re too young to start throwing breaking pitches. But you could try to learn the knuckle curve. Learn the grip and then throw it like a fastball. What ever you do, make sure you do not twist your hand/wrist as the arm goes forward as that is what hurts elbows.

Click here for the knuckle curve grip: Knuckle Curve Grip

Hey Colt 45:
If your looking for good advice on throwing cruves, sliders,split finger fastballs etc. just jump from this Steve Ellis Forum to Steve Ellis’s Blog at the top of the page and scroll down the right side of the page to " Pitching Grips " Click on that and you will find the correct way to hold and throw several different pitch’s. Good Luck with your pitching.

For my sons JV team the top two most effective ptichers are the guys who throw the softest.

Yet the guy who throws the slowest his best pitch is his fastball. Why? He has command of both the 4 seamer and the two seamer, and both have teriffic movement. He mixes a changeup and a big drop curve, and will throw any pitch at any count. In othe words, he’s a pitcher.

Overpowering only works so long unless you are truly exceptional.
Get command of your fastballs and your change up. I would begin the curve this off season if you are 14 1/2 to 15.
Learn to throw it the right way and stop if you have any pain, Ian.

You could try to throw a cutter. Its easy on your arm and breaks prity good.

Sliders are medium on your arm, I learned how 2 throw 1 I could only throw it side arm and I got hammered, but evantually you just work your way up :smiley: