Need a good (CHEAP) workout program

Alright…so as I mentioned in my latest pitching diary, I’m thinking I need to get a good workout program if I’m going to progress to where I want to be as a pitcher. Thing is at the moment, I don’t own weights or anything like that, nor can I afford to right now. Naturally, gym membership is also right out.

Also keep in mind, I throw/pitch about five to six days a week. Is this good or should I scale it back.

Any advice I can get here would be awesome. And if you have questions or need clarification, feel free to ask!

Talk to lankylefty on here or Kykeb they might be able to help you out.

I would recommend a gym membership at least. I am sure you can find something for like $20-30/month.

I did better than that! I found a gym I can go to for free! As an added bonus, it’s within walking distance! Yeah, I’m cheap I know. But I’m definitely going to take a look and see what it offers. I’ll post back on this thread once I see what’s what, and maybe some of you (kyleb, perhaps?) can help me with a workout program.