Need a change-up

i need a change-up bad. I’ve tried the circle change and a splitter and have worked on both of them, neither of them worked out good. If i added an effective change-up i know it would make me a lot better…any suggestions?

well splitters only really work… like normally if u throw it above like 80… 85 mph which means ud have to normally be throwin gas

i do throw 83-86…the split just doesnt work for me, no control or movement

thats how fast you throw the split?.. hm like if u have nothing to do one day… or whenever grip the ball with a splitter grip as far as your fingers can spread… maybe you just throw it as a wider like 2 seamer thats what I used to do… kei igawa on the yankees even though he sucks can grip a splitter on a softball and just holds it there

Try “choking” the ball. Place the ball in the center of your palm, close your fingers on it. thumb and Index finger touching at the tip. Throw with fastball arm action. It takes a while to master it, but once you do, you will even be able to throw it for strikes, which is not recommendable with the splitfinger.

my fast ball is 86, not the split

yea i mean the split has to be like 85 plus

A split does NOT have to be 85 plus to be effective.

As far as finding a change up, just trying putting 3 fingers on the ball, not too tight, and just throw it like your fastball. After getting comfortable with that grip, you can move your fingers around to find the grip that works best for you.

the problem with change up grips is getting the pads of the index and middle fingers off the ball(vern ruhle, major league pitching coach). everyone concentrates on the circle formed by the index finger, but get the pad of the middle finger off the ball and you should have some success. let the middle finger and index finger ride BESIDE THE BALL, not onthe ball. when you compete and leave these fingers on the bal, sometimes you will clamp down with them and that creates too much velocity.

think of throwing a fastball off the end of the ring finger. pedro gets his ring finger and thumb on the equator of the ball (you can see this on the slo-mo video in hitters on hitting finding the sweet spot video). relax your hand as much as possible and throw the thunder out of it.

my son actually throws his change up by throwing a two seam fastball grip on the narrow part of the seams using the ring and pinky fingers on the seams. sounds crazy but at 15 he just struck out 10with no runs in 6 innings against an elite 16 yr old team. the change is 15 mph below his fastball which is good but not great (he hit 85 once and pitches at 81-83). but that looks really fast when the change comes in at 70-68 with arm speed. that’s the bugs bunny you hear about during the playoffs.

also, play long toss using your change up grip and throw it into the end of a cage 50 times every other day to develop feel. didn’t say it was easy, just effective and deadly.

keep working. you’ll get it if you want it bad enough.

Have you tried the vulcan change yet?
Even though I have no use for a change as I have a knuckleball, I have found it to work for me pretty well.