Need a 3rd Pitch


I’m a 16 year old RHP from Columbus Ohio. I’m the ace on varsity as a sophomore. Currently i’ve been living off of throwing only a 4 Seam and and a Curveball. Although i have had success over the last 2 years on varsity with these two pitches i know i need a third. I’ve tried learning a cutter, 2 seam, and change-up. Neither of the fastballs break enough and i can’t throw the change up accurately. Any tips or ideas for a third pitch I can add to my repertoire? I throw straight over the top and my curveball is 3 to 7. Any tips are welcome, thanks.


Stick with a change up. Try different grips until you find one that’s comfortable. Back up and throw from longer distances, even long toss. Will help you get the feel and keep your arm speed the same as your fastball.


If your fingers are flexible enough you might try a split finger fastball.


Pitcher17 recommended changeup and I would generally agree with that as a changeup is a basic tool every pitcher should have in their arsenal. I also have tried two-seam and a cutter and I also struggled to get movement although if you can work on increasing your spin rate and pronating more, I’ve seen guys who were able to develop a pretty good two-seam over time. The splitter is also an interesting suggestion but there are a lot of guys who struggled with the grip. I used to throw a splitter for a while but I eventually stopped out of fear of it turning into a forkball which can be bad for your arm. My main suggestion would be to develop that changeup (try different grips because there are so many different changeup grips so one might work better for you) but if you are against the changeup and really don’t like it, try a splitter or working on developing that two-seam fastball a little bit more.


I’m definitely a fan of long toss with change up grips. The number one issue with a failing change up at the youth level is the dramatic decrease in arm speed that comes with it and a tendency to try aiming it.

Let it fly.


Changeup or sinker would be my choice


I would keep trying the changeup. It’s tough to learn at first and you might spike it a lot but if you keep practicing the pitch it’s great to have. Look up on YouTube Tom glavine changeup grip, it’s the grip he used and so did Greg Maddux. That’s what I use and it has late downward movement, a very good pitch.