Nearing the goal

well i guess i just need to keep working and going on… after throwing a 40 pitch pen i feel pretty good today, particularly notcie my 2s fb gets into the 86-87 range consistently…

any opinions welcome!

looks very nice

good horizontal scap load, good hip/shoulder separation just before the shoulders rotate.

pretty mechanics :smiley:

new video of 2 city games ive thrown… almost ready to start trying out across florida to see which school needs a LHP

84-87 2S/4S FB
74-76 CHNG

ill develop breaking ball soon once i get my two main under my belt

so far 6 innings, 7ks, 3 bb, 3 hits, 1 ER

basically i feel great after i throw, soreness in hips but all good

mechanics are pretty solid imo, but must increase rotational speed