NCAA Clearinghouse...Help!

My son who is a Junior was working on signing up with the NCAA Clearinghouse when he came across the question…“since the age of 14, have you played for any other men’s baseball teams besides your high school team?” Does this mean summer teams or park and rec leagues too? We were not sure what they were asking or whether to just go ahead and answer “no”

Why don’t you ask the NCAA Clearinghouse?

Well has he??? lol

Personally, I would suspect that the question applies to any other men’s baseball teams besides your high school team.
After all, that is what it says.

Perhaps they’d like to know more about your overall experiences or –
1.) have you ever played for a club and received $$ money for your work? In other words - have you played professional ball. Being paid or compensated takes you out to the amateur world and now classifies you as a professional. I have no knowledge of the rules that apply to the NCAA and college ball as far as recruitment is concerned, but possibly the NCAA may have an issue with this situation?

2.) Have you played ball for a club,outside of high school, and have been disciplined for any reason? Gambling, sometimes is a big issue for youngsters in the high school age bracket. Then there’s behavior issues on and off the field while being with a club outside of the high school realm.

3.) There are strict “contact” issues related to those schools that are members of the NCAA. Booster clubs, private other interests can skirt those issues (rules) outside of the high school environment.

With what I’ve listed above, are my guesses, at best. I do know that the past has a way of floating to the surface when things come up that require a little investigation work because of one thing to another.

The NCAA can involve a complicated process of paper work and a flow of this-n-that with certain timing issues. If I were you, I’d go to there web site, look-up as much information as you could, hand-n-hand with your son. In fact, this is a great time for the entire family to be involved, gathering as much info as possible. There is a pamphlet that the NCAA offers, along with their sister organizations - like the Clearinghouse, that covers all kinds of information.

On a final note - I’d be very careful with dealing with companies that offer assistance with this application process. Your son’s school, his coaches and counselors are skilled at dealing with these things - and they do it for free!

Coach B.