Natural Movement

Okay, I came back from a pitching session today that generally kinda frustrated me. I was working on mixing my fastball and changeup on both sides of the plate, or at least trying to. I was able to get the ball generally on one half of the plate or the other, but I could not hit a corner for the life of me and Even my 4SFB does not go straight at all, it moves about 4-6 inches in seemingly random directions that I can’t figure out for the life of me. Sometimes my fastball heading for the low outside corner will just tail down and in and slam into the dirt and other times the thing will slide back over the heart of the plate like a cutter. My 2-seam circle change does the same thing. Sometimes it will move down and in to a righty, and other times it will go completely in the opposite direction like a knuckleball. My coach says that that is really good thing to have what he calls “natural movement” but if I can’t control it then what good does it do? I have had these problems the last 3 months or so and I really have been working to make sure I keep the same grip and pressure on all my pitches but the ball just keeps moving. Any suggestions? Could it be something mechanically that causes that? Do I just need to change my repertoire to include something more controllable?

Grip and pressure only do so much , you also need to pay attention to how you release it each time. Your hand might rotate off the ball upon release or rotate over the ball to get sinking action , personally i wouldnt try to get rid of movement on a pitch. You dont generally need to throw strikes with your pitches , just need to make them look like strikes. Who knows , if you find which releases give you certain movement , it could open up a whole new world of pitches for you. i get alot of natural movement on my pitches too and i never figured out how i did it. somtimes i get sinking action , sometimes a screwball action and so on. its just a matter of growing with it so you ccan throw strikes and still have that random movement.