Natural Arm

While i believe most guys in the bigs have natural arms, ex. Vlad, Andrus, Strasburg, Feliz. Can a infielders or even pitchers arm build up strength and velocity like these guys doing a good long toss and surgical band program? I’m throwing around 76-77 MPH from SS, will i ever be able to pick these #'s up to at least mid 80’s? I’ve never done a good long toss program or even done surgical tubing constantly in a program. Experts please feel free to give your %100 honest answer.

In my opinion 95+ mph needs more then just some great practice but also some natural talent. But it isn’t some absolute answer…
There will be some pitchers that throw 95+ with lots and lots of practice!

But then I ask you…
Does having a ‘natural arm’ and throw 95+ mph make you a great pitcher?
I know people that have that natural talent and throw heaters above 95 mph but get hit all the time! Just because they haven’t got the location and movement on those heaters a great 90 mph does have…

Your right, pitchers must have much more than velocity, but as far as the left side of the infield does natural arm come into play there?

I can’t think of any SS or 3rd baseman right now that have amazing arms but Andrus, Jeter, Ect. can the velocity that they are throwing across the diamond be reachable if you are giving a little playing ability? Like ive said ive never been put on a throwing program or tubing program and can touch 77MPH could this be worked up to at least mid 80’s if i worked hard? I’m in a redshirt right now for college and i believe that is the only thing really holding me back

In other words… Can you teach or work… an average arm up to that ability?

throwing is throwing. If pitchers can do it, what’s stopping you?

yes but its not all about the arm or long toss and rubber bands… You need to work on your legs a lot and focus throwing with your right foot and left hip… Right foot, left hip, right shoulder and the arm will follow… once you have that strong leading hip and shoulder you will be able to add velocity like your heart desires… If you are just trying to build up the arm you will more than likely have elbow problems from over use…

an average arm is all we have, its the proper use of the rest of the body that turn a average arm into a natural arm that you are talking about.

When you think about it not many mlb pitchers throw the same way… leg kicks, arm angles, everything is different for each player… what they have perfected is their “pitching motion” Develop a Natural controlled relaxed confident and strong throwing motion and you will start throwing harder even if you want to just throw hard playing in the infield…

Let me put in my fifty cents’ worth here (inflation, you know).
What it all boils down to is, you want to build up more speed—increase your velocity, right? Well, long ago I found out about what I call The Secret, and here it is: You need to get your entire body into the action. You need to drive off the lower half, using your legs, your hips and your torso in one continuous motion, and this is how you generate the power in your pitches—so you take a lot of pressure off your arm and shoulder, and you will throw harder and faster with less effort.
I learned about The Secret many moons ago, when I would go to Yankee Stadium (the original ballpark) and watch the pitchers, especially the Yankees’ fabled Big Three. I watched them carefully, and I saw just how they were doing this, and I made a mental note of it and started working on it on my own. As I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found that I was doing the same thing. Now, I wasn’t fast by any stretch of the imagination, but I discovered that I too was throwing harder with less effort; it seemed that my arm and shoulder were just going along for the ride, and without all that pressure I was getting better control of my rapidly growing arsenal of stuff. I was, by the way, a natural sidearmer (righthanded), and I used the crossfire a lot, and one thing I discovered was that I was using a lot more of the plate (in my day the strike zone was a lot bigger than it is now). That made a tremendous difference.
So there it is—The Secret. Get your whole body into the action, rather than throw with just the arm and the shoulder, and it’ll pay off in the long run. :slight_smile: 8)