National Wiffle Ball League Looking for Players

Hey guys,

My name is Dave and I am a wiffleball player. Thats right I said wiffleball but I do not mean the type of game you play with your cousins and grandma at a family outing. The type of wiffleball I play is competitive and thrilling. It brings you back to the day of being a kid and knocking the crap out of a baseball, beating teams from neighboring towns and being the hero in that big spot. I am talking about Golden Stick Wiffle Ball league (

We have leagues based in: MA, NY, PA, GA, IL, CA, TX, AZ, NV, CT, FL

I have spent the better half of my last 6 summers traveling around the state and the country to play this sport and I have loved every single minute of it. I do not know what I would do without it now and this is why I want to introduce it to you. I feel that anyone here would have just as much, if not more fun playing this game than I have had.

We play Saturdays and Sundays starting in March with events culminating in National Championships in Atlantic City and Boston.

Go to for more information on gameplay and how to sign up. Also make sure to watch these videos of past years players and teams dueling it out in the game everyone loves to play.

These videos will show you what we do and might get you hooked like I am.

If you want to get involved and find events in your area or just have a couple questions please e-mail me at

You have really placed this on the wrong forum, I think you will find most here are really over the top about baseball and are totally hooked to it…I guess good luck.

That’s pretty cool good luck with it