National Pitching Association Certification

Steven and fellow Board Members-
I wanted to get thoughts on this certification/clinic. It is obviously expensive, but I wanted to see if anyone has attended or has experience with it. The link is

I’ve actually thought about attending one of these myself. There’s just so much we can learn from different sources – there’s no good reason not to go! It’s a little expensive, yes, but Roger and a few others on this forum have gone (more than once, I believe).

The American Baseball Coaches Association’s annual convention is also a very good option for lots of different baseball presentations covering pitching, hitting, the mental side, etc, etc. There, you get a bigger mix of college coaches.

Either way, I’m a fan. And hope you can go and share with us your experience.

The NPA/RDRBI Certifications are outstanding 4-day programs. Worth every penny if you are a professional coach…seriously, worth every penny. The times I’ve gone to these programs, there has always been a mix of guys from all over the country getting certified…ex-pros who coach privately, college coaches, HS coaches, private academy coaches, you name it. I even met Roger (in San Diego) at one of the Certs…he’s every bit as good a guy as he sounds like in print.

I was re-watching one of the NLCS games yesterday (the one I got to attend myself at AT&T) and I heard the announcers talking about how Cole Hamels had gotten about 18 hrs of private work in with a performance expert named Jim Brogan before the season started and how it helped him rebound from 2009 to become dominant again. Jim Brogan has been a regular contributor at Tom House’s NPA Coach Certifications and he is really worth meeting and listening to.

You’re likely gonna get high-quality interactive seminars from an ex-pro catcher, a physical trainer named Todd Durkin (google him–he’s an amazing guy), Tom House of course, Dr. Greg Rose from the Titleist Performance Inst…watch out! He’s always gonna use somebody from the audience as a demo guinea pig…maybe you’ll hear from Pete Wilkinson of the Wilkinson Academy in WA,…you might run into Mark Prior, Barry Zito, Ian Kennedy or some other USC alums down there working out at the same time as you.

Really, all the guest speakers that House brings in, and House himself, are capable of sparking important life-changes in the people they work with (which will include you, if you go…the cert. group isn’t so much an audience as it is an interactive family of fellow professionals).

You’re going to go through the most current NPA drills and workouts for pitchers yourself on the field, and you’re going to team-coach young pitchers through these same workouts and drills and go with them into the bullpen where both your coaching and your pitcher are put on display. If you’ve got a son anywhere from 9 to 20 yo who pitches at some level, bring him along–they will use him as a demo pitcher for the drills, skills, conditioning, and bullpen work… When my kid went to these certs with me he had a great time but I guarantee he wanted nothing more than food, pool, and bed at the end of every day.

Prepare yourself to absorb more than you may have realized was possible about pitching mechanics, conditioning for pitchers, mental/emotional management for pitchers, and nutritional guidelines for serious athletes.

laflippin described the cert clinics pretty well. I was actually at a cert. a few years back when Cole Hamels walked in; House put Hamels on the mound and worked with him for a bit while we got to watch. That was really cool.

Since the certs. have moved to Los Angeles, I haven’t seen Brogan, Durkin or Wilkinson attend. But they have brought in some other top people. (Rose always has some leading edge stuff.) Plus the USC coaches come in and talk about things - including recruiting - at the college level.

When I attended my first NPA coaches cert., I went into it having read every book and website on pitching I could find. I came away from the cert. blown away by what I learned - it just wasn’t in those books and websites. If you coach/instruct pitchers and you want to be confident that what you’re teaching is some of the best information available, this is a great clinic to attend.

I’ve attended the certs. every year for the last 5 or 6 years. They offer a discount if you re-certify within 2 years. It’s a great crowd to be with - very positive and very passionate. There will be coaches from all levels, academy owners, sports medicine guys (e.g. PT’s), etc. One year we had a father and son come all the way from Germany to attend.

laflippin, Thanks for the kind words. You and I did meet at one cert. but we were also both in attendance at a couple certs. before that (I’m pretty sure I’ve got 3 sets of your DVDs to prove it).

By the way…

The NPA is running a special deal: Sign up for an NPA website membership ($50) and the Coaches Cert. ($750) and they will refund $150.

Also, the NPA offers an online course for only $25.

Find out about all of this on the NPA website