Nathan, 10y/o first year pitching


We just started practicing 2 weeks ago. This is the first time I have filmed it, so I can finally see we need to fix a lot of things. We’ve done Hershier drill, knee drill, working on his upper body and discussing his lower mechanics.

Slow motion:

I’m trying to prioritize things we need to work on. There is a lot to work on. Please help me figure out my top priorities and what would make the biggest improvement, he’s about 60% accurate.

Things I see and how I think I should prioritize:

  1. Pivots his plant foot a little as he lifts his leg
  2. Looks like he’s jumping up with his plant leg
  3. Equal opposite needs to get higher and more balanced
  4. Looks like he pivots his hips and shoulder at same time. Having trouble explaining the bang - bang - bang of hips - shoulder - arm
  5. Glove hand is active turns it up but pulls back too far to finish. Needs to bring body to glove.
  6. Rotating towards 2B too much during leg lift
  7. Longer stride, but being on a mound should help that.


I’d begin closer to fundamentals and athleticism, it looks to me like he’s trying to get his body to mechanically follow what’s he told so he appears a bit disjointed…best cure is more relaxed fundamentally proper throwing, get him comfortable with the sequence first then build to finer points. In truth those areas of concern tend to correct themselves instead of needing direct remediation.


read below. Glove turn is fair. work on the leg coordination.