NaNO Vapor

Product: NaNO Vapor Fruit Punch

Taste: 5/10: This product was pretty easy to mix with water, however the taste was not great. It was not horrible, but definitely not enjoyable. However, I have had worse tasting products. The fruit punch might be better when mixed with fruit punch gatorade, however I have not tried this combination yet.

Energy: 7/10: After about 15 minutes after drinking this product, you feel a very strong energy boost. Almost as if you NEED to go work out RIGHT NOW. During my workout, I had a strong desire to run (sprint), which I did. This lasted the entire workout so I ended up sprinting about 2 miles around the indoor track in segments during my workout. I normally hate running.

Focus: 9/10: To me, this was the best part. It is difficult to fully describe this feeling, but I was completely in the zone at my lift today. All I was thinking about was lifting. I did not notice the people around me, the TV’s etc. It was just me and the weights. It is a good feeling and to me, the best part of the product.

Pump: 6/10: This product claims to give you “insane” pumps. I personally didn’t see it. Yes, I did get pumped, but it was nothing crazy. My veins weren’t bulging or anything. Just a nice pump.

Endurance: 8/10: When lifting, I normally try to make sure my last few reps in a set are to the point of exhaustion. Well, I had trouble achieving that while on this product. I would get to a point where I thought I was exhausted, but my muscles would all of a sudden get a surge of energy allowing me to pump out a few more reps.

Thoughts: I feel that this product is no miracle supplement. However, it definitely does what it say (to an extent). I was very focused and had more energy than I normally do. We will see if this performance continues. At $60 at GNC for 40 servings however, it may be a bit pricey for what you actually get.

looks like caffeine, dextrose, maltodextrin, BCAAs Creatine and an assortment of other ingredients I don’t know much about. I do know, however, that these main ingredients are in almost every pre-peri workout drink.

John Berardi basically advises the last 4 i mentioned plus some whey for a pre-peri workout shake.

I’d be interested in seeing how training on caffeine feels, but I’ve been doing maltodextrin/dextrose, whey and water and it seems to help a ton. I plan to add in the BCAAs and Creatine too when I pick those up. Again, these seem to be the staples any pre-peri workout supplement, though I really don’t know enough about the other ingredients to say if they play a big role. but if you want a cheap homemade version, that stuff can be bought cheaply on or at Sams Club in some cases

I have now used the product 5 times and I can say that it definitely does improve the quality of my workouts. By the time I arrive at the gym, I no longer feel any fatigue or tiredness I had been feeling before (most likely the caffeine). I will say however, that it is very difficult to do cardio at the beginning of the workout…it feels like my heart is going to pound through my chest. I have been doing cardio at the end of my workout as a result. The caffeine definitely helps, and if you google “caffeine before working out” you will find many results claiming that it does help you get a better lift in, as well as burn fat. The creatine is definitely doing its thing…I have gained 5 lbs in 6 days, and my strength is already starting to go up. However, the first few days of taking the product I crashed BIG TIME after my lift. Those crashes seem to be getting less severe as time goes on. However, I think when this product runs out, I will be purchasing normal creatine mix.