Name your greatest momment in high school or legion baseball

mine would have to be when i pitched my first no-no, and when i won my first game at state, but my best moment in legion would be when we won our region tounament, we were the number 5 our of 8 seeds and we beet the number 1 rated team 2 times, and i was the winning pitcher in both games, what bout u guys

My best moment in High School (wow it seems so long ago :lol: ) I threw 7innings had 1hit 16K’s 0BB in a sectional championship game.

Best moment in college…2 of them

Gaining my first win (Beat Butler 10-2)
Throwing a combined 1-hit shutout aganist #28 ranked Creighton (threw 8 innings…got a no decision…had a no-no broken in the 8th) :roll:

my first no hitter in 8th grade to open up the season, in highschool throwing a shutout against lyons township which has a great baseball program freshman year, or getting the win against jca another top program in the illinois

i was only on the soph team last year but being with varsity when they won state was amazing also

I would have to say when we faced the the team that one state last year. I threw a 2 hitter against them and we won 8-0. And in legion I would have to say when I hit for the cycle. Yeah who says pitchers can’t hit huh haha.

my best game was probly when i pitched 9 innings and had 20k’s
i was 12. we ended up losing tho. I only gave up 2 hits 0 walks

My best game of the year would have to be a 3-2 victory against the St. Albert Cardinals( I am from Fort St. John, B.C. a little town in northern British Columbia). We did’nt have any pitchers on my team except for myself and one other player who appened to have an arm injury that weekend. I pitched the first game of the day, a 4-0 loss(4 unearned runs), and then i had to pitch the second game to against St. Albert. All year we had had good tight games against St. Albert and it was close right from the start. In the end though i got 11 K’s and 3 BB’s and went 3-4 at the plate with 2 doubles and a single.

A 9 inning no-no against a 13-0 team in legion ball. I did’nt have the best velocity that day and only struck out 4 and walked 2. Got it done in 101 pitches.

What is yours as a coach?

Just the quality of the players I got to play with and against in Legion ball. Our team had a 4th round pick, a 2nd round pick and an undrafted free agent who made it to the bigs. Hawthorne had a couple early rounders who both made it to the bigs including a Cy Young winner and another team had a 2nd round pick.

I was sandwiched between the 4th round pick and the free agent who were both hard throwing lefties in most of our games. I guess I was the crafty righty and because I threw the middle innings I got a lot of wins ending up 4-0 with a 0.00 ERA!

The other came while playing scout ball for the Angels. I got to pitch against a Northwest League team who had a player written up in Sports Illustrated as possibly the best base stealer of all (pre-Rickey Henderson) and we beat them as I gave up one run in 3 or 4 innings of an 8-3 win. I walked him and he stole 2nd and 3rd.

how about you coach kreber?

I think my best HS pitching moment came during my 10th grade season. It was my fourth or fifth varisty start pitching against the #3 ranked team in Iowa’s Class 3A. I remember they had about 8 of the 9 starters going to play college baseball at some level. Two of them ended up playing professional baseball after college. I pitched 7 innings and left the game with the score tied 1-1. We ended up winning 2-1 in 8 innings. I think I might have struck out 8 in the game. It was a HUGE win for my team and really helped us have a great season, losing in the 1993 District semi-final. This game was the first victory over a ranked foe in many years. I had some exciting games over the next two years and beat 2-3 other ranked teams, but nothing compared to that first moment. Even now 12 years later, I can still remember the joy that victory brought to my teammates face.

this isn’t college ball or anything and it isn’t to do with pitching. it was our last game of the european championships in july, we(great britain) were playing sweeden. it all came in the last inning. i hit a stand up double to left-centre, i then stole third, before finally stealing home and scoring the game winning run.

being told by my coach at the same tournament how i had earned the right to be the staring catcher and how i was the best in the country.

also hitting my first gb homerun at a tournament in london and being asked to play for the gb juniors(15-18 yr olds) against a tournament all-star team. we won 19-18

also captaining my club for the first time

mine would have 2 be when we played a pretty good team with a bunch of older players and i threw a no-no with 21 strikeouts it would have been a perfect game except our catcher dropped a 3rd strike

Wow, mine don’t really compare to any of yours, but it brought me a lot of joy, and I proved a lot of people wrong.
I didn’t get many pitching oppurtunities freshman year. I pitched 2 innings, both against horrible horrible HORRIBLE teams.
Anyways, this year, I got to start a game. It was against a decent team, who just happened to have 2 kids down from varsity on the team (they were floaters the whole year, up and down between JV and V.)
Anyways, I get through the first 2 innings on 16 pitches total. I only gave up 4 hits, 1 ER, and didn’t walk a single batter the entire game. Well that proved my coach wrong… he actually had 1 of the “real” pitchers warming up as I was throwing my warm up pitches from the mound before the first inning. Needless to say, I got some more respect for my pitching, and pitched the most innings aside from his 3 main guys. Ended up leading the team in K/BB ratio, and maybe in ER can’t remember. I did it with the stick this year too… tied for team lead in average .378, and RBIs 14. I led the team in doubles with 5, and this was all in a 17 game season.

My best moment in HS probablly my first game pitching (even though it was the 4th to last game of my sophmore season–my coach picks favorites, and since I cant throw faster than 75 I was never really given a chance at pitching). My team was getting rocked–we were down 11-2 to one of the best teams in the region. I came in with no outs and runners on 1st and 2nd. I threw 9 pitches (7 strikes 2 balls). I stranded both runners had 2 K’s and 1 pop out. Earlier that game I had a hard hit line drive base hit up the middle, off of one of the best pitchers in the county–he was moved down from varsity to pitch for JV.

Although this game wasnt really that great stats-wise I was glad that I proved to my coach that I can play as well or better than everyone on my team, even if he does bench me in most of our games.

Yeah, I hate seeing those varsity kids on the mound in a JV game. Not bad though, gives me a challenge.
We faced a lefty, threw 80+, with a change and a slider. It was nuts, but gave me confidence after making contact to dominate the mediocre pitchers.

My best moment was pitching against the then ranked #1 team in the country by USA today Owasso, OK. Came in for relieve pitched 4 innings only gave up 1 run til the bottom of the 6th when a kid hit my first pitch of the inning over the centerfield wall to run rule us. Not a win, but I was proud of myself.

Coming one out away from a perfect game,striking out 12…and hitting 2 doubles

Funny how this is a pitching web site but my best moment so far I still have another year, was pinch hitting in a tournament when we were down by by two with two guys in scoring position and hitting my first home run. It definitly wasnt my last.