NAIA Pitcher Log

I have decided to finally make a personal log, as I am lacking motivation right now.

I have run into some hard times these last few months due to injury. During the summer, I microscopically tore UCL. I have now recovered from this, but due to the injury I had a very easy going fall, as I never threw live.

Currently, battling wrist tendinitis, because of my poor form bench pressing. Just cannot catch a break.

Last Spring Season Quick Summary:
Last year, I had the stuff to be the ace on the team, but was lacking control of every pitch, but the fastball. I went 1-5 with an era well over 5.00… Very disappointing. I had two great starts, both complete games, losing one of them by one run. These both came in warm weather games, where my fastball was great. Great Velo, and lots of run. 3 of my starts came in 35 degrees or less… When my fastball was not as effective, and harder to control. Weighed 153 coming into college, 165 in spring.

Year: Sophomore
School: Ashford University (NAIA)
Height: 6’2’'
Weight: 177 (Have gained 10 pounds already since beginning of school by lifting, and eating plenty of food)
Velocity: 86 to 89
Max Velocity: 91
Off Speed: Slider, Change

Strength Indicator:
Bench: 235
Dumbbell press: 85 (Have not maxed in this… Unsure)
Squat: 290 (Very Weak in the Legs, maybe due to bad form etc)

Short Term Goals: To Get motivated! To get driven to make gains again! To destroy my body in the weight room every single day!

Long Term Goals: To throw 93 mph, and weigh 190 this spring, with increased strength everywhere.

I need to get motivated once again…

Have decided to go to trainer as my wrist will not heal, along with a shin splint in my left leg. Have decided to give them a week to recover. Will not workout for a week. Roommate, and I have decided to put together a program, and lift together starting next Monday. Typically, I lift by myself, so this will be a plus. Will help push each other, to make gains. Roommate is a sophomore as well, plus firs team all conference as a freshmen. Pretty much a stud… Other than the fact that he only 5’6’’ which really played a role in why he didn’t play division one ball somewhere.

Everything is going good. I have healed from injuries, and have been going hard in the gym. Current weight 180.

Practice starts the 12th or 13th of January, with our first game February 14. Just around the corner! I am very happy with my results so far. I currently weigh near 180 still, but have really achieved some goals in my lower half strength, as my upper half has some what plateaued in areas. I can finally squat 3 plates, 315 pounds for one rep. Along with squatting, I have been power cleaning, and deadlifting 3 times a week. I expect to see some very good velo gains this spring. Last year, I was 163 squatting maybe a 250 max at best, and still hit 90 multiple times. I will be disappointed if I do not hit 92 this year. I believe 92 is very reasonable.

Along with gaining velocity, I will make an attempt to get into the nortwoods league, or California collegiate league. I played with a former Madison Mallard standout this summer, who is recovering from injury whom may have a hookup for myself, along with my summer coaches who can help. It helps that I’m a local kid from Wisconsin, but we will see. Not many NAIA athletes get into the league, so chances aren’t great. Our assistant coach in college has connections in cali where he is from, and pretty much gaurunteed me a spot their if I can hold my velocity, and put up good numbers. Motivation, is what this is. Keeps me pushing myself.

Recovering very nicely from my UCL tear. Arms feels very good and continues to feel better. My school will be closing after this year but are offering to pay for our schooling for a year wherever we go nex . I was planning on transferring juco for a year, but education comes first especially free education.

Life is pretty good. Body weight is rising. Almost 185 now. Upper body strength is rising. I was stuck at 180 for almost a year. With my body weight going up I have got a lot stronger. Maxed out at 245 on bench yesterday and 80 pound dumbbells I struggled with 3 months ago is a walk in the park. I’ve been lagging with lower half but that will come. Although I’m coming off injury my velocity will be higher no doubt once I begin to pitch this fall. 163 was a peak of 90 mph for me. Maybe 185 is a peak of 94? Who knows. Have not been healthy long enough at this body weight to tell .

Really excited to see what I got. Max fb goal 94. I believe this is reasonable. Hopefully a 91 or 92 ball this fall

If I may ask, what played into your decision for choosing a college? Your velocity is likely good enough for any division. What made you decide NAIA? I’m just asking as a high schooler hoping to have that decision to make in the future.

Well, when I was coming out of high school as a high school senior I was only throwing 80 to 85. I was a 150 pound twig who hasn’t touched a weight so I didn’t get any big school offers. Mostly NAIA, Division 3 and juco.

I based my choice of college on a lot of factors. Some of these include my education goals, scholarship, the baseball program, do I like the coaches, the school itself. So many factors. Ashford gave me a full ride and I loved pretty much everything about the small school. If I go back for the last year, its for education purposes. If I transferred juco I would lose credits and delay my education.

Education first. Always.

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Alright thanks @Kaner14. And wow that was an impressive jump in velocity then, any tips?

When I was in High school my velocity jumped around. I was typically 80 to 85, but would have days where I would hit 87 and sit 84 to 87. I believe this was due to lots of factors Prolly. I’m a big believer in weight correlation to velocity. I have seen the heavier I weigh the easier it is to throw harder and maintain that velocity. Depending how much you weigh that could be a big factor. Now that I’m 30 pounds heavier I don’t drop below 86. To get that weight I’ve been lifting since freshmen year. Weight gain, throwing a lot, improved mechanics, and weight lifting have all allowed me to throw harder.


Its been a while.

Fall Ball Started. I decided to finish at Ashford University, the last year they will be open. Very Unique situation. Only a 17 man roster. We will be fine. Our small three man rotation, is very impressive. Two, including myself throw upper 80’s peaking into low 90’s, with our third guy mid to upper. Our fourth guy who will spot start when we can not go, is 82 to 86 with average off speed. Pitching will have to carry the team, but we do have a few good hitters… It will be interesting.

Decided to go to Ashford, because I’m coming off Injury and need to come back slow not competing at another program for the top spot, plus educational purposes etc… Lots of reasons. Was offered from Madison College JuCo, and prefer walk on at UW Milwaukee prior to this year, but decided against it.

Arms feels good for the most part. I believe the mental aspect is the hardest part. Making great gains in the weight room. Weight around 185. Getting stronger

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Fall Ball is coming to an end. My arm is now feeling very good, which gives me a lot of confidence. Coming off a torn UCL, and a re-tear of that ligament makes me feel very lucky. Very blessed to have healed, with no pain or velocity loss.

Have been throwing, and doing lots of long toss at practice. Have not thrown pen in a couple of weeks due to lingering shin splint. Plan on resuming pens next week. Last Pen went very good. Elbow was somewhat tight but nothing serious. Threw at 85%, most likely sitting 84-87 in my opinion.

Weight 190 now. Really hard getting over Plateau’s in the weight room. Doing 80’s for dumbbell bench for 8 for 3 sets, Can do 90’s for 4 to 5 but sit at 80’s because I cannot get 90’s up by myself. Squatting 260 for 5 reps. Hoping 275 for 5 reps soon.

Pitching Staff looks okay at this point. Our Number 2 maybe 1 pitcher has looked sharp but definitely has lost significant velocity from having surgery last year. I’m sure it will increase as he continues to throw.

I should be getting some video up soon. Maybe in a month or two with radar readings hopefully included in the video.

Currently cutting weight. Weigh 185, eating around 1500 to 2000 calories each day. At my heaviest I was 194, but felt that I was putting to much fat on. Goal is to to get down to 180. I will plan to bulk again after I have cut my fat. I’m pretty cut at this time. Have some lower belly fat that needs to be taken care of. Looking to strengthen my core a lot over the next few months.

Current Strengths
Dumbell Bench Press 90’s for 5
Incline Dumbell Press 75 for 5
No max on barbell max, but I could do 245 for once with smith machine if that counts lol
Squat 275 for 5 times, maxed at 315. Not bad weighing 185 and cutting.
Deadlift 315 5 times, but positive I can pull heavier weight than that.
15 Chinups. Just started working on chin ups and pull ups. I want chinups to be in the 20’s soon.

Looking back at my old postings from year or two ago, I have come a long way in my strengths gain. I find it interesting that I weighted 165 going into my freshmen season. Hit 90 and 91 several times, and than went onto tear my ucl that summer. I haven’t been healthy since that summer, while only throwing a few pens.

I look back because Im just frustrated. I have went on two college visits recently, worked out, and was clocked. My first visit I was 86 to 88, which I was okay with. My next visit wasn’t expecting to throw. Had my arm shut down for a week, finding out the coach wanted me to throw only giving me a day notice. I threw and was only up to 87. At 185, strong, so much more explosive I would expect to throw harder.

Looking back at it all, I honestly think its just a lack of throwing. I have been shut down pretty much the last year and a half only throwing 10 or so bullpens. I expect that everything will spike in the spring. By than everything will be in shape. Can only hope. Going to continue to push myself until my time is over.

I was 165 coming out of high school touching 89 and since then I’ve put on 25 pounds of muscle and now can get it up to around 91/92. But recently I saw a velo dip and realized it was because i was taking it easy playing catch every day. I’ve started to let about 10-15 throws loose every day to get my arm more used to throwing hard. Hopefully that will bring back some of my velo. I think anyone who does this will see a jump.

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Where do you attend school? Thanks for the advice. Hopefully it’s just a lack of throwing the ball.

Hello all,

I use to post years ago when I was in college. You can search my username to find my posts and my past injuries/struggles.

Just want to update you all and maybe answer questions in regards to Tommy John that you may have.

Post Op 17 months
Current body weight: 215
Velocity: Unknown
Dumbbell bench: 100 pounds x 14 reps
Squat: 375 pounds

Played in the pecos league this last summer at 10 to 12 months post op sitting 90 to 94. Struggled with control at times resulting in no promotion to frontier league or American Association. Almost got promoted regardless of my control because I was striking out 16 per 9 out of the pen. Low 3/4 arm slot. Was only 195 pounds at this time as well and very weak compared to now.

Was throwing 90 mph 8 1/2 months out of Tommy John. If you have any questions about the process let me know! Looking to sit mid 9’s this year.

I have a question. What MPH were you hitting your freshman year?

Freshmen year of college? It varied so much because I didn’t know anything about recovery. Sat 82 to 86 mostly, but once in a while I would throw 85 to 88. Arm recovery is crucial because my arm typically felt like crap resulting in lower velocity.

Have been throwing for 2 weeks now. Had a fun day today. Threw hard for the first time and clocked myself on a flat ground. Popped a 87. Going to recover and go again on Friday. Aiming for 90 on flat.

@Kaner14 sorry I meant freshman yr if high school

70 to 75

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