Mythbusters and Baseball

Didn’t see it :frowning: it guest starred Roger Clemens I think.

Anyway they did these myths:

1.) A baseball bat filled with cork can hit a baseball farther than a normal bat.

HAHAH corcked bats don’t work. They proved you need to swing twice as fast with a corcked bat to be able to hit the ball the same distance as a normal bat. Way to go Sammy.

2.) A dry baseball can be hit farther than a ball stored in a humid environment.

Dry baseballs get hit farther.

3.) A fast ball can lift itself higher into the air.

They said no. Their answer: It must exert more force upward than its own weight. However, the maximum force a fast ball can exert is only half of its weight, making a rising fast ball impossible.

4.) On bases that you [i]can’t overrun[/i], it is faster to slide into them.

Sliding into 2nd or 3rd would be faster by a couple fractions of a second because on bases you can not overrun people slow down just a little so they can stop on the bag. I wish they did on a base you can overrun :?

5.) The hide of the baseball will fall off if the baseball is thrown fast enough and hit hard enough.

The hide of the ball did come off, but the ball was fired at about 437mph, four times faster than any human could pitch.

What do you guys think?

that was the best episode ever

THey missed the point of alot of those myths though.

I find that strange about the corked bat thing.

Yeah but, they don’t get that the bat is lighter so then the speed of the swing increases, they should look at that as well.

True but I wonder if this was factored in, they need the same amount of force per bat not the same bat speed.

I believe it’s all down to if the added speed of the bat, because of the weigh difference, is greater than the added weight and momentum of the heavier bat. If that makes sense.

I don’t know much about physics.

They had a machine that swung the 2 bats the exact same speed and a machine that pitched the exact same speed every time.

A corked bat is swung faster.

The only problem is with a corcked bat is that it is only so much lighter. The regular speed you swing with a regular bat must be doubled to hit it the same distance (correct me if I’m wrong cause I probably am) so you might be able to swing faster but its a waste of time using the corcked bat if you can’t swing at least twice as fast with it.

True, but, either way they got inaccurate results.

I think the should have tried filling the bat with super balls, that’s another idea for getting more pop into the bat.