MYTH or Fact?

I Keep hearing this over and over the taller you are the harder you throw im 5’8 throwing 75-81… can anyone really say if this is true


Mike Marshall was 5’8" and pitched in the big leagues for 17 years.

There have been plenty of other guys over the years who have been 6’0" or shorter and have thrown plenty hard.

  • Bob Feller - 6’0"
  • Pedro Martinez - 5’11"
  • Billy Wagner - 5’11"
  • Tim Lincecum - 5’11"

Velocity depends more on genetics and mechanics than on pure height.

It’s also a myth that taller pitchers are more durable.

It isn’t a myth. The taller you are the more likely you are to be able to throw fast. Taller pitchers have more leverage so they can throw faster without having to have as good of an arm as a shorter pitcher.

However, even if taller pitchers are more likely to be able to throw faster that doesn’t mean a shorter pitcher can’t throw as fast or faster than a tall pitcher. A good arm is a good arm.

Yes…reviving old post here :wink:
Myth. Nearly every pitcher in my son’s Babe Ruth league is taller than he is, but he throws harder than every last one of them.

I can an throw out an equally unscientific observation and say taller people tend to be less coordinated than shorter people. While a taller person may have an advantage when coordination of movement is equal, most tall kids are, to borrow a @Zita_Carno-ism, discombooberated.

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How about a little guy named Roy Oswalt? he was able to throw 94-95 MPH. He was listed at 6 foot and 190 lbs. If he is 6 foot than I am too and I’m not. I am 5’10" and have stood close to him and I don’t think he is taller than I am.

Craig Kimbrel. 5’10", 100 mph.

It is easy to list outliers.
I went to a D1 game earlier this year with a big guy 6’ 6" and probably 280lbs who was sitting 82 and was replaced by a guy 5’ 10" who was throwing 90. What does an individual example mean? Not much.
Over a big picture average, bigger guys are going to tend to throw harder.