Mysterious Pitching Pain


For the past two years I have been experiencing bad pain the seems to be coming from under or around the brachialis muscle. I am not quite sure how to explain this pain but although it tends to be pretty severe, I can’t quite pinpoint where its exactly coming from. During the past two season I have been to three different doctors none of them seemed to be very concerned with anything going on in my arm. MRIs have just shown inflammation in the brachialis muscle but no underlying cause. While on the mound, about 20 pitches in, the pain begins and with it my arm starts to feel weaker, (Specifically the brachialis, bicep, and forearm muscles feel weak). My velocity goes down and I slowly loose accuracy. I am a pretty strong kid, workout plenty, went through a throwing program and PT pre-season in an attempt to resolve the pain, and throw low 80’s at 16. None of the doctors have helped and nothing that I have done in my attempt to relieve the pain has worked.

Here were the doctor’s impressions from my most recent MRI:

“Low-grade muscle strain of the lateral aspect of the biceps brachii muscle manifest by
mild intramuscular edema. No intramuscular hematoma formation. No tendon tear visualized.”

Any help is appreciated as I am legitimately considering giving up pitching because of this issue.

Thank you


Lots of things to consider that might need tweaking/improvement:

Lifting workload (lifting in-season?)
Rest (short term and long term)

Could be a combination of things