Mysterious Knuckle Change?

I have been using a circle changeup and it spins a bit like a knuckleball and drops hard. I was wondering if this is normal as my coach says that I grip it really far back in my palm. I throw it at about 52 MPH. I jsut turned 13 and throw my fastball at 62. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you throwing it like a palm ball? Ie, coming out of your hand as if you are throwing a football almost pushing the ball to the plate, this is one action of throwing a palm ball where you hold the ball way back in palm and grip it solely with your palm and thumb, in your case where you are gripping like a circle change you’d be pushing or releasing with thumb and forefinger,what you describe is similar to the action you would get with this pitch. Your circle change should come off your weaker fingers still gripping the ball and have a spin slightly rotating counter-clockwise (righty). Either way a change should drop off the table.

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Exactly. Thanks for the help.

The Knuckle Change is the grip of The 4 Seam Fastball but sideways. Your ringfinger goes under the ball, your middefinger on the side of it and your thumb and index finger on top.