My Workout

Any Tweeks I need to make? Just trying to make sure its good a legit.

Monday- Upperbody

Usually, I work Triceps, then Biceps right after, then move onto Chest, then Upperback right after, then I do Shoulders and and Wrists/Forearms. Every excercise is 3 sets of 10.

Tuesday- Lowerbody

On Lowerbody day, I go straight to Sqauts to start it off, then go to Leg Press, so I can the 2 most hardest ones out of the way. Then I go to Hamstring Curls, followed by Leg Extensions. I then go to deadlifts, then move right onto Calf Raises. Then Back Extensions, then various forms of crunches to end the day. I usually like to do some jump rope to cool down. Every excercise is 3 sets of 10.

Wednesday- Sprints

I dont know exactly how long the distance is, but if I were to guess, its somewhere from 75-100 ft.

Thursday- Upperbody

(I do the same thing that I explained for Monday.)

Friday- Lowerbody

(I do the same thing that I explained for Tuesday.)

Saturday- Dayoff (Usually working)

Sunday- Sprints

I don’t exactly eat much, but I try to. I usually have a bowl of cereal in the morning, and I try to make a smoothie consisting of a banana, strawberries, and blueberries. I usually have around 2 protein shakes a day, about 32 grams each shake. I mix in protein here and there, such as sandwiches and whatever my mom makes for dinner. I dont really have a diet, but should I be having one? I weigh 152 lbs, 5’8, and I’m 16 years old entering my junior year in high school.

Hamstring curls are useless. Go with stiff legged deadlifts and you can kill two birds with one stone (hammy’s and lower back). I would say the same thing with leg extensions. Do some jump squats or pistol squats… anything other than leg extensions.
Another thing I see is that you work smaller muscle groups before larger ones on your upper body days. You normally want to start with the large and work down. So in this case it would be back-> chest-> arms, etc.
Also, you need to change up your sets and reps to keep the muscle growing. falling into a routine isn’t good for muscle. Go with 3 sets of 10 one workout, then switch to 5 sets of 6, or 2 sets of 15. Keep it constantly changing.
Last thing I would advise is to add some explosive lifts to your routine. I might sound like a broken record, but snatches and clean and jerks will add tremendously to your overall athleticism. Think about this: one of the US power lifters from the Athens games has a 36 inch vertical leap. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is 350 pounds? :shock: And at 5’9" he can dunk a basketball… That is some wild stuff. Very few pro basketball players have a 36" vertical (and maybe one or two football players). Explosive lifts will give you the biggest improvements in sports, plus they are way more fun than normal lifts :wink:

You got to be careful on the olympic lifts though. Make sure that you have a weight room coach near you to explain to you the right way to do these lifts. Even in college I see people doing them the wrong way and you can really hurt yourself with snatches, etc…

Whoa, Rtusk makes an appearance. How’d summer baseball go for you?

And yes, make sure your form is correct on any lift, injury is probably the worst possible thing that could happen to you in the offseason, let alone any time.

Sorry for the long delay in posts but they didnt really have high speed internet in Alaska. The ABL was a great league and I highly recommend anyone who has a chance to go play to go. The talent was awesome, and the scenery was 2nd to none.

The place I stayed at this summer had dial-up internet and it took me 45min to load this page so I would just give up.

But Im back.


can you give me a picture or something on what a snatch and a jerk is?

Here’s a great description as well as a video of the snatch:

Here’s the clean and jerk:

If you would rather avoid the front squat of the clean and jerk, there is also the power clean and press which is essentially the same thing without the deep front squat.

Also in the two vids from the guy isn’t all the explosive, often the lifter will come of the floor on the pull or atleast get up on his toes.
This is a better example of being explosive
Notice how he explodes upwards.

I wouldn’t put weight on the bar till you’ve committed the movement to memory. Be very careful trying to learn this. I did it for a while with just the bar, or you could also use a round wooden stick or something like that.

These are atleast few of the most complicated lifts out there, don’t rush into them.