My workout...need opinions

Here it is:

Upper Body (2x per week)

DB press 3x8
Seated Row 3x8
Lat Pull down 3x8
Pull ups 3x8
Push Press 3x8
Incline DB press 3x8


Lower Body (3x per week)

Squats 3x8
Leg Curls 3x8
Dead Lifts 3x8
Leg extension 3x8
Calf raise 3x8
Lunges 3x8
Hip extension machine 3x10


  1. From what you put down, you are saying that you work out 5x a week. Thats too much, you need your muscles to recruperate. I would go every other day but also work around your schedule. If you are just start that program, go 3 times a week then progress to 4.

  2. You need to add cardio to the workout. Something simple as 3/4 Jog, Sprints (Short, Long etc.), or Bike will go a long way.

  3. How much weight are you using? Remember to increase the weight every two weeks or so to add muscle mass OR use low weights high reps to gain endurance to the muscle group.

Other than that the program looks good. Remember to focus on not training a muscue too much to offset your balance ( chest to back ratio). Us pitcher need to be balanced :smiley:

well ive been working out for a while maybe about 4 weeks for strength in off season im about to start throwing again and i feel my muscles will recooperate bc i switch off from legs to upper body the next day so is that ok?

Do you really think working out 5 times a week is too much? I was always under the impression it was a personal thing depending how you feel as well if you change your workouts and aren’t doing upper body 5 days a week it was okay because the days you do legs or another exersize, your other muscles have a chance to heal?

If I was you I would go for this weekly program:

Monday: Upper Body + ABs + Cardio

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Lower Body + ABs + Cardio

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Upper Body + ABs + Cardio

Saturday: Lower Body

Sunday: All around workout ( workouts design to work almost the entire body

If you feel well rested and are willing to add a extra days workout to fit your needs, go right ahead. Keep in mind if you work a muscle group too much it can have negative effects on you. Also try to keep workouts under 1 hour.

Hope this helps