My workout+daily diet

Okay as I said before my goal is to get in shape overall. Here is my current work out routine.
I don’t have ANY weights or money for a gym membership, atleast not for 2 months or so.
Workout Routine
0. Stretching 10-15 mins(working on leg flexibility)

  1. Push Ups (5 reps of ten, now up to 7 reps [5 minimum])
  2. Squats (10 reps of 20)
  3. Planks ( 5 reps of 30-40 seconds)
  4. Reverse Sit ups (5 reps of ten)
    –I run a mile every other day.–

Diet Routine
I am 5’8" around 250 lb (way outta shape)
I don’t really have a routine so to speak but i try to keep my calories between 1200 to 1800. I stopped drinking soda and eating junk food/fast food all together. (which ironically makes reaching 1200 calories a bitch lol)
I’ve been drinking only water.

Again my goal is to lose weight and get in shape. So i know 1800 calories is a bit on the low side but this is just to lose weight, and when I get in shape I will balance it better.

Your thoughts?
Also, should I bother doing squats without weights?

Also would it be alright to run a mile everday? I know steven ellis said to run every other day but what’s the downside?

If you don’t do some sprints/agilities/plyo’s you will lose the fast twitch muscles in your body and the slow twitch muscles will take over. Make sure you do more speed work than long distance running to assure yourself you will be faster. Only do about 1 long run a week.

A set of adjustable dumbbells can be bought for very cheap, tire sleds can be fashioned for virtually nothing, resistance bands are likewise relatively cheap. If you don’t have access to a gym you will need to get creative, but you need to know how to structure a workout not just throw some exercises together.

For example

for every horizontal push exercise you should have a horizontal pull (pushups, with inverted rows)
every vertical push should have a vertical pull (elevated pushups/incline DB press, with pullups/chinups)

for every quad dominant lower body exercise you should have at least one glute/hamstring dominant exercise.

do a tmuscle search of bodyweight workouts
and poke around forums for cheap equipment ideas.