My work out under construction

this is my workout so far, tell if you think any things that you think should be added or takin out, all are used with dumbells unless told, all exercises done with 3 sets of 10 or 12

one leg squats
stiff leg dead lifts
hamstring curl not used with dumbells
leg extension not used with dumbells
they say those last two can be used with dumbells but cant find out how
walking lunge 3 set 20
leg lifts 1 set 30

dumbell press
incline press
overhead dumbell press
3 other tri workouts
wrist curls 10 times up and down

bent rows
back extensions
lateral raises front and to the side

ab workouts
oblique twists
reverse crunches
med ball twists
2 other med ball exercises
and at least 7 other ab exercises

would also like any recommentdations of a throwing program

please help

Looks pretty good.

Some other guys will have better help then me but here’s my comments/thoughts…

  1. Are you doing any exercises for your rotator cuff/shoulder.

  2. Only other excerise I would suggest would maybe be calf raises. I’ve always been a fan, and they can be done with dumbells in each hand rather easily. (since you don’t have anything targeting the lower leg)

  3. Make sure you are stretched well after and such so that you do not lose flexibilty.

  4. Make sure you get enough rest in bettween workouts because your doing a lot of work right there. Maybe split it into upper and lower body days?

  5. At some point in the offseason make sure you work good and hard on sprints and plyometrics. (I think most would disagree at doing them the same time as weights but I’m not sure, personally I’m doing weights now, sprints later. I just don’t have enough energy to do both and have GOOD workouts with each.)

Looks like your working hard, keep it up, and good luck!

yea i did forget to mention that, i do like around 10 theraband exersises.

I would like to ask what Steve Ellis and Mike Griffen think of the workout I have so far. thanks appreciate a lot

My TuffCuff Program, an off-season strength and conditioning manual for baseball pitchers, will be available shortly. Mike offers custom-designed workout programs for a fee.

We typically don’t offer analyses of entire pitcher-specific workout programs that are posted here because: 1) we simply do not have the time to analyze each forum member’s entire workout program, and 2) it undermines the service that we provide through our fee-based programs.

Alrighty thanks.

how often should ab exersises be done

There may be differing opinions on this, but bnecause the abs are just like any other muscle in the body (only slightly more complex and dense) three to four times a week is geneerally good. Some strength coaches that I’ve worked with have said abs can be performed daily, 7 days a week, which I’ve done… but the best results I’ve experienced were when trained different sections of my abs, 3-4 times a week – just like you’d perform rotator cuff exercises or tubing exercises. That way, you give your abs a chance to rest and grow stronger on those “off days.”