My vids

I decided to tape my current mechanics. They need some tweaking, so I was going to test my luck with some community analysis.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that I tend to fall off a little to the right side. The adjustment that I think I should make is planting my front foot slightly to the right of where it currently lands. Right now, I land in a rather closed stance, which looks unbalanced from the videos. I think this landing is the reason for my falling off as well as sometimes short-arming the ball every few pitches.

I have filmed 3 views, if you want me to get any other angles, I’m up for it.


Heres a still shot that I like:][img][/img

I’ve read that the alignment of ball, head, and front foot is good, so I was happy to see this.


well first video: Ur not moving with your hips . try that more.

second : u fall of to the side. I do the same. shouldnt be that big of a problem, atleast, if u throw hard:P if ur slow on fastball, its a mechanic issue i think. ( sum Mlers fall of to the side or am i totally wrong :D?)

3th: looks like ur shortarming(dunt know the other word , like throwing those metal heavy balls:P) so u might loss velocity on that.

edit: u open up to early? hips are almost same as shoulders?

ps. : im no pro, so this all might be incorrect tho:)

i think u open up too early

also, hip thing… gotta get 'em going sooner

and on some pitches u fall forwards :shock: :?
if u hold ur knee a split second longer this could work itself out

so keep leg up a split second longer and get the hips going sooner, that should work the short arming out


Well the shoulder-hip separation doesn’t look too bad to me:][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img

But I still think the foot plant location that I mentioned in the OP might help my rotation, thus fixing my shortarm.

Can I get some analysis from one of the more credible experts? (No offense,thanks much guys <3)

You look very good.

I would just try to stay closed and that will help the seperation between the hips and the shoulders everythign looks pretty good. Work on just saying closed with the front shoulder.

The hip/shoulder seperation looks FINE don’t worry about that you just tend to open up alot. Also lead with the hip into plant so you don’t drift forward. Another thing I noticed was that you tend to aim the ball. I want you to think LET IT RIP that might help MPH and get your body and mind more focused on explosive movement.

more credible experts… so ristar comes and posts LOL

and i wouldnt get too hyped up about this ‘let it rip’ thing… it wont work… but try it if u want

just dont ‘let it rip’ ur arm out of its socket from trying to… well… let it rip

Let it Rip is something Steven ellis tells people to do so that’s why i thought it might help.

i would say i am pretty credible since i throw forkball 75mph and fastball 90 mph i think you should try working on a forkball maybe i think thatd be great

Forkballer it seems to me that you are here to advertise your favorite pitch the forkball.

RIstar when he says let it rip he means it as in you shouldn’t get nervous about not throwing hard and just pitch.

Yeah, that’s quite irrelevant to my mechanics. I’m not adding any pitches any time soon.

I can’t really judge the location of your foot plant (or, in other words, the direction of your stride) in those videos. To do so requires being able to see your feet and the pitching rubber and home plate at the same time. This is best shown in a rear view but your feet and the pitching rubber are not visible in your rear view. (I could use the hoop in your target to locate home plate.)

Your separation looks fine. However, I think you’re lacking delayed shoulder rotation. In other words, your hips and shoulders seem to come around together instead of hips before shoulders. More on this later.

As for your falling off to the side, that could be caused by striding to the throwing arm side. What often happens is that an inappropriate late posture change (i.e. a bend at the waist) occurs in an attempt to get the upper half back inline with the target.

Back to the delayed shoulder rotation. If you have that late posture change, that can limit destroy the timing required to delay shoulder rotation resulting in the shoulders rotating early.

Finally, I think you are a bit off in your notion of the ball, head and foot being aligned. First, we need to be clear on when we’re talking about alignment. I talk about it at release. But the alignment I look for is chin chest and front foot being aligned vertically with the ball released 8"-12" in front of the front foot. Based on this, it appears to me that your release point isn’t out front as far as it could/should be. I suggest getting those hips moving forward a but sooner/faster to build more momentum and to get out over the front leg more.

Thanks roger, I’ll work on those and tape myself again with a makeshift rubber.