My video:PLEASE COMMENT! how can I throw harder?

why is my armaction sooo slowww ??

what do u mean ur arm action is slow?

ill try to get a side angle becaus its tough to see from there but i am very looonnng and slow in the back then i come up very high before I rotate. Doesnt this decrease my velocity?

have u ever been taught the ‘J and away’ ?
or the drill where they have u bring ur arm down and up behind u in one continuous motion?

actually no i sorta get what ur saying how this would get my arm in like one motion instead of down,back,up, stop then throw like whats happening now…i just lose all the momentum my arm has midway through my range of motion

with the J and away, when i break would i focus on coming down or towards second base because i keep my hands high from the stretch

i really dont see much of a problem with your arm action other than the elbow being a little bit high

Your arm comes up WAY high thats why. You almost pause in the “power Position” that so many people are taught. Look at the roger clemens video on the page and compare it to yours. You just are not efficient with your motion. You need to be smoother and keep your elbow and your hand lower.

I try but it just flies up like im an nfl official saying “touchdown” and it totally stops all the momentum of my arm i think this kills my velocity. Would it be so bad to not come down so much with the ball out of my break, just maby straight back or “ball to the ear” like a catcher?

when your front foot lands u dont want your elbow above your shoulder

so whatever you decide to do make sure its below your shoulder

I think you should get a video right side up before anybody judges your mechanics.

what feels comfertable for me is to start with bring my arm over my head then swinging my arm to the side.