My Video About Throwing the Knuck

For anyone who has ever seen a vague and inaccurate how to video on the knuck take a look at this I posted other ones a long time ago but this one was specifically regarding this latest influx of how to videos that don’t teach you how to.

I have a lot of eye movement going on my astigmatism was really bad when I took this video.

Great job with your video!

What’s the best arm slot to throw an effective knuck?


I believe Pustulio would be the best one to answer that question. I myself never threw a knuckleball—I had never been able to because of the sharp wrist snap I had—but I threw my knuckle-curve sidearm, as I did with a couple of other pitches using that grip (like the “slip” pitch, which is a slider thrown with a knuckleball grip), with great success. So—Pustulio, where are you? There’s someone here with a question for you. :slight_smile:

sorry my connection has been down im posting this from my phone. charlie hough teaches high 3/4 and i think thats generally true but he was effective with low 3/4 and eri yoshida pitches sidearm. i would say high 3/4 because it`s easier to stay on top without hooking the ball and spinning it, usually adds to the drop on it too.

Cool video Pustulio! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, I don’t really like putting videos of myself up I just got so sick and tired of people posting videos about the knuckleball that don’t know squat about the knuckleball, it’s okay to be naive but don’t act like an expert about it.

Didn’t want people getting false information and then acting upon it you know?