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I don’t quite understand it either. If the guy realized he had hit on the wrong topic, couldn’t he have simply deleted it?
Actually, velocity, or the absence of it, is a fascinating subject. You see all kinds—the power pitchers like Sabathia and Verlander, the finesse pitchers such as Jamie Moyer, and the power pitchers with finesse—the woods are full of those. It’s what those guys do with it that makes it so intriguing.
I watched the White Sox-Twins game last night, and I kept watching Mark Buehrle. He seems to have become a real finesse pitcher, much like Ed Lopat from way back. His fast ball topped out at 86MPH, and he had a lot of good breaking stuff—it was what he did with it. He was throwing pitches that looked like strikes; he worked fast; he pitched to contact (what Lopat used to call “Get the ball over the plate and make the batter hit it”); and he made the Twins hitters look pretty silly. His lifetime record against the Twins is now 25 or 26 and—what is it now?—and I kept thinking about what Lopat used to do to the Indians, compiling a 40-13 lifetime record against them.
And I watched Sabathia the other night, when he overpowered the Tigers. That guy is a real power pitcher—in fact, he reminds me a lot of another great Yankee pitcher, Vic Raschi, who had a blazing fast ball, an even more devastating slider and a great changeup. Raschi didn’t have what they used to call “Aunt Susie”—a curve ball—but he didn’t need it. And he was no slouch when it came to beating the Indians; his lifetime record against them was 22-8.
And I thought back to my own playing days, many moons ago. I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of, but I had a very good arsenal of breaking stuff which I built up around two pitches—a slider and a knuckle-curve—and I had the control and command to go with all that. So, although velocity is a nice thing to have, that’s not all there is to pitching. :slight_smile: 8)

The ground ball is the new strike out!

thats true polar bear. its all about the ground outs now. woo hoo.

nice post zita. i cant believe you wrote all that with so little imformation about the quesition

Actually, I got enough information from that abortive inquiry to be able to answer it. The fellow who said “wrong topic” really wanted to know something about the role velocity plays, or doesn’t play; he just wasn’t sure how to phrase his question. I figured he wasn’t inquiring about his own velocity or lack of it, and so I was able to provide some general information. If he had been specific about his velocity, or a problem he might be having in that department, I would have answered differently. 8)

My apologies for not continuing this thread. But when I made this topic I found out it was in the wrong section as its supposed to be in General Pitching Advice.

What I would love to share with you guys is this summer I got clocked at a lovely number, 87 mphs! I sat comfortably between 81-84 mphs and I topped out at 87!

I’m happy my daily gym visits in the winter paid off.

Thanks to the guys/ladies for all the advice which is available on this forum. Some of you are great assets to this forum.