My time has come

I have thought long and hard and I decided to quit the game of pitching to try
to make it into the MLB as a catcher.I will still give incite on the pitching game

MY NAME use to be futureKazmir

good luck!

Whatever you do…do it for fun. Enjoy your time!

How old are you?

Really sucks to see someone give up pitching but good luck with catching hopes it goes well. And the more you understand pitching, the more it could help you be a better catcher (calling game wise and in theory it should help you guess better on what would be coming when your up to bat). But anyway good luck and have fun.


You could probably still get away with doing both if you really wanted to.

Any reason why you’ve decided to give up pitching being so young?

just though I’d go back to the position i was good at

Makes sense I suppose

good luck, don’t give up completely on pitching though, i remember i liked basketball way more than baseball and i ended up being better at the sport i wasn’t good at at that time, you may end up being a better pitching so don’t count it out completely :wink:

mix your pitching skills to your catching skills. learn to make the sharp throw from home to second and if you get really good at it scouts will notice you. gunning down runners makes you go in higher levels. even if your bat is average.

Aren’t you a lefty? I always thought FutureKazmir was a lefty lol. And do you live in Connecticut by the way?