My throwing

im rotating my arm when im throwing like if it was a curveball every time and dindt know why and getting some pain in forearm any help to correct this?

There are several different ways to throw a curve ball. You might be overdoing it with rotating the arm this way or that, and that doesn’t help. When I threw my curve—which, by the way, was a natural one that came attached to my sidearm delivery—I used a sharp karate-chop wrist snap, and that pitch had a sharp nasty break to it. You might try that and see if that makes it easier. 8)

i do not do it on purpose my arm just does that and it started recently but dont know why?not for curveball for every throw

My advice to you is to go see an orthopedic surgeon and have that arm examined thoroughly. Something is going on there that could lead to mucho trouble if not taken care of right away. Don’t wait! 8)