My throwing mechanics


Hey guys I’m new here. I’m not a pitcher but a mostly DH/1B playing in a adult league and I’m not a good thrower. I don’t plan to pitch but I want to improve my arm some to Play better at first and occasionally in the OF.

I also recently started doing Kyles free weighted ball program (including yeager bands) but my question is mostly about mechanics. I also got wassermans ebook and started doing some of his drills.

here is me doing some crow hop throws

rear view

front view

I already posted this in another Forum but hope to get some more Feedback here. I already learned that I lack shoulder flexibility and have more of a “push the ball Action”. I really have a bad arm only throwing around 60 or so despite being quite strong and also having good power when hitting (have hit 80 plus batspeed with zepp and Close to 90 mph Exit of a tee with Wood) so there must be something really wrong with my mechanics.

I got a rather late start to Baseball and throwing never came naturally to me but I want to improve also for being a better Coach in a couple years.


Its probably hard for you to put a finger on what exactly feels weird when throwing…this is accentuated with your crow hops. When you use your crow hops for ‘gains’ what ends up happening is that you are getting all your weight out front…turning it into a ‘push’ and breaking a link in the proper chain of events that needs to happen in order to feel a fluid transition into throwing the correct way. So focus with more weight back…separate your hands before you move forward…keeping your weight back while you land…the transition is a chain from your feet to hips to core then thru your arm. I would focus more on throwing rather than all the programs. Programs are a good supplement but never a replacement.


New here to the forum, but it a few things jump out.

It looks like your balance might be off, might be a product of the crow hop. But it looks like your lining up to air it out like a football, but throwing a baseball. This probably gives a more rainbow effect of your throw.

I’d recommend, personally, always having a glove on the non throwing hand. This is my own personal preference, but without it I have always felt awkward.

Instead of focusing on the crow hop through, which can provide gains, I’d stay stationary and work on a “from the stretch” throw.

Throwing a baseball well also takes alot of flexibility. Work on stretching, elongating the muscles.

The last video, as seems to show a slight hitch, and opening of the hip. I’d try to get you front foot on a straight path.


For a guy just playing adult league baseball, it looks like you have a great arm. For me as a pitcher, relaxation is key. Sometimes when I throw or warm up I have a bad tendency to tense up either at ball release or prior to it, but don’t realize I’m doing it. Especially during long distance crow hop throwing. Just keep reminding yourself in your head to stay as relaxed as you possibly can while having control of your body. Don’t get lazy with it, but loose muscles move faster. If I’m able to do that and get my arm cocked just before my front foot lands, everything else falls into place. You will be able to feel immediate results of a good whipping action if you remain relaxed. And remember, the ball is always the best teacher. It will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong.


Thanks guys. So work more on mechanics before going max effort?


I’d say yes.

You can go max effort, but if your mechanics are off you can learn bad habits.

Slow things down, only to learn balance, then try to get good tempo. I’d recommend the book “The Complete Guide to Pitching” by Derek Johnson, to learn some good techniques. Granted this is just for an adult league, but can offer some great insights.

Overall just have fun.


Made another video at a better video frame rate and without a crow hop.

I don’t really seem to got to a good ER position.


Try letting your throwing arm relax/float back and having it whip through vs push.


Do you mean during the “lay back” phase?



Simply put, you chase your front side…meaning your throwing arm chases after your front side instead of throwing against it. You cannot have whip in this chain of events. There has to be a stable stopping point in which everything comes around…and that is your lead leg, which isn’t bad, but the front arm needs to be stable as well. This causes that ‘rotation’ and turns everything into a push.


I want to perfect my mechanics who can show me a good arm path for a lefty?