My thanks to a great website

Steve and all of the Admins, experts, coaches, dads, grads, and pitchers…

I want to thank you all for making this a website to enjoy and gain knowledge from regardless of your level of involvement or expertise. There are so many tasty tidbits and excellent answers to all sorts of questions that a guy can come here and find something that will help with any situation.

Heck, I’ve become addicted to the site. I look forward to continued informative and enjoyable postings from everyone.


Talk about addicted look at me what 139 post in 18 days…this site has made me thought so much more about pitching and I’ll just reiterate what hose said – thanks!


YAHOO THANK YOU!!! :forwardroll:


:drunkard: :applause: :ole:
Speaking as someone who has no life, I just don’t know what I’d do without our forums…


if the cubs lose one more game you’ll really have no life…my sympathy is extended to you and the cub extended family.

You’ll note my optimism (Insanity) on this entertaining thread…Note my world class White Sox diss…I cracked me up on that one :lol:

There’s always next year.


:? oh yes of course.
I ain’t heard no fat lady singing…but she’s tuning up.

My dad was a Pittsburgh Pirate Fan and so by default am I. Needless to say their record losing streak has spanned most of my three kids lives. So they can’t imagine why I’d root for such a hapless group of “stumblebums”. They look at my Official National League Spalding 1971 team signed baseball (my dad got from Steve Blass) like it was a moon rock. Hey dad, “Did the Pirates really win a World Series?” “Yep, more than one, son.” I still return to PNC Park every year hoping to see some reincarnation of The Great Roberto or Chicken on The Hill with Will.

Thank God I became a surrogate Red Sox fan when the Phillies fired Terry Francona and Boston hired him. Dad played sandlot ball with Tito and Terry left high school bound for Babe curse busting destiny. I regained a little bit of street cred with the kids when my adopted team won the World Series twice.

Anyway…this website is everything the internet was meant to be and Steven Ellis deserves some kind of award for his efforts. My son and I have benefited greatly from the free advice and information. He’ll get an opportunity to compete at the college level next year thanks in part to the inspiration of those on this site. Thanks Steven.

That’s AWESOME! Really, really happy to hear that. Keep us posted on his successes.

after hearing that other forums cost money, like setpros thankyou mr. ellis that these forums are free for everyone to come get help.