My swing

Anything major I can do to improve my swing. I am 15 and getting ready for my sophmore year.

one thing I noticed since your legs are far apart you should bring your leg back then put it forward

You stole my number. :frowning:
But your swing looks great.

I too would also suggest that you try bringing your feet closer, just because they look a little wide for me. But, do what you’re comfortable with.

I also noticed that when you load up, your bat is hovering above your shoulder and behind your head. It should be straight up and perpendicular to the ground. This should help with shaving that extra split second off your swing time.

It kinda looks like your swing “dips” a little bit too. I could be wrong, the video is a bit hard to judge from. Your bat should go from the point when its loaded to the center of the ball, no chopping, no completely level swinging, no uppercut, just point a to point b, and it looks like you have a slight uppercut.

Those are just a few minor tweaks you can do, your swing is very fluent and it sounds like those balls are screeching liners when they come off the barrel.

It also would help to see where those balls ended up.

I disagree with shortening your stance. You have excellent balance, and that matters most here. The swing looks pretty nice. I agree with the bat angle comment, though.

ps. lol @ towel drill in the back of the facility :wink:

Looks pretty solid.

One thing I noticed is your weight never really shifts back for a load, or forward at all. Your leaving some power on the table by never putting your weight through the ball.

People say “squash the bug” and stuff but with a major league hitter, this isn’t what’s happening, maybe to the naked eye, but not in reality.
Their back foot is actually coming up, off the ground, however at the end of their swing they relax onto their back foot.

Take a look at Albert Pujols, you seem to have similar stance and such.

You will notice his foot gets completely off the ground at a point. One just doesn’t realize this as he’s moving so quickly.

Batting is an activity where body weight can directly influence power as with a weight shift it can be translated to the head of the bat.

I’m not saying drift forward and let yourself get burned on the offspeed. But I assure you that if you do a forward weight shift you will add more power.

Right now you are purely rotational. If you add a bit of linear force into your swing it will add pop without a doubt.

your swing looks very good IMO.

I don’t mind the wide stance.

the only main suggestion I have is to lessen the dip at the beginning of your swing.

You squish the bug, which means that your hip rotation isn’t quite right and that you aren’t swinging with your entire body.

I agree with you Chris. In the video it’s easy to see you aren’t using your lower half. Also, I forget who said he had good balance, but he doesn’t. After each swing he almost falls over, which isn’t right. I would suggest shortening your stance, and relaxing your legs. Be comfortable though. Your upper half looks good, I don’t really see a “dip” like others say. If you start using your legs it will probably level your swing out though.

nice swig, my stance is wide too, i think maybe u can get the bat up a little quicker