My swing...any advice?

Seems good to me, some advice would be not to hit directly at a car, lol.

it’s a whiffle ball

You never know ;]

Well, it looks good to me. I would suggest bringing your hands straight back before you swing (toward the camera) instead of moving your shoulders (quicker bat speed). Also, be more cautious of your feet, seemed like you were closed on some swings and square on others, and you still hit the ball in the same direction. You don’t want to be too closed if your trying to pull the ball, but its useful if you get a breaking ball you want to go the other way with. Keep at it!

you got a nice swing

my coach said the only thing to worry about was that sometimes I step in to the plate instead of directly at the pitcher. Probably a bad habit from doing this tee work. Said I could be susceptible to inside pitches.

I agree about your load…most of your load comes from the shoulders moving vs just the hands, this sould give you quicker hands. With respect to your feet, it really could be the same fix, as your shoulders go back to get your load it looks as though you might be turning them and that forces you to fall towards the plate.

Part of that probably comes from you not having any stride in your swing. When you load up, usually your front foot ends up a few inches in front of where it used to be, but yours stays in the same place, or even towards the plate a little more.

Aside from that, your swing looks pretty good to me. Try uploading it from the left side in a quicktime video so we can see it a little better if you can please. A video of you vs Live Pitching would be even better.