My story

Well Ive pitched for 14 yrs going on to 15 now.
I love baseball and I train everyday for it.
I’m sure you have heard of your dedicated baseball player thousands of times. But I can say I am different.
I was over determined to say.
Rain/snow/Sun/sleet/Hail. You name it, i was throwing out there like a champ. And it wasnt even to a catcher but to an old school desk chair.
It built a workhorse out of me.
I had my share of injuries as well. I guess you can say throwing almost for 4 hours a day 6 days a week would catch up to you. I was called rubber arm because I could pitch 14 innings[which i have] and do it again the next day.

Well it caught up.
Perfect timing too.
Tryouts for my d1 college[liberty U]
I got tendinitis and it was pretty bad.
I got my fastball up to 84 with the pain but still didnt make it.
I was devasted as well as outta shape.

I let myself go and hit up to 270 before.
About to quit, I realized it is these hard times that make up our composure in reality.

So far I am still on that journey Of making that team.
It has been about 9 months since that hard time and my tendinitis has healed up and i dropped 65 pounds. My fastball is sitting in the high 80’s low 90’s
with a superior sinker that drops off the table.

My goal is a solid 94 mph 4seam and a 90 mph sinker. to accompany my changeup and slider.

I hope come September I have proven to my coach as well to myself that I have what i takes.

Just had to share.
ANy info or guidance would gladly be accepted.

Great story - thanks for sharing! Sounds like you are on the right track with the right attitude. I’m rooting for ya’! Good luck!

When your velocity comes all the way back, how is your slider? With a history of tendonistis is this the breaking ball for you?? At the college level a good breaking ball is a huge deal. How is your ground out to fly out ratio? Have you tried div 3? Is your heart set on Liberty U?

Best of Luck! :smiley:


Hello there!
I was reading a whole long series of posts regarding the slider, what it is, what it isn’t, who should throw it, who shouldn’t throw it, blah blah blah—and I didn’t know whether to laugh or hit the ceiling! If I may, I’ll like to throw in my two cents regarding this pitch, especially because it was my best one when I played, many moons ago.
The slider, when thrown correctly, is actually easier on the arm and shoulder than just about any other pitch. I learned it when I was sixteen; my instructor was an active major-league pitcher (Yankees) who doubled as an extra pitching coach for the team. He told me: “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it.” He showed me the off-center grip he used—neither two-seam nor four-seam, but in between, with the index and middle fingers close together and the middle finger just barely touching one seam. He demonstrated the wrist action—you just turn it over—and then he handed me the ball and said, “Go ahead, try it.” While I was familiarizing myself with the pitch, working from the full windup, he watched me and made some mental notes. In about ten minutes I got the hang of it, and I worked on it over the winter (1951-1952). And I had myself a strikeout pitch which I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty”, because that was exactly what it was.
While reading your tales of woe I came to the conclusion that you just might be throwing too hard—and that is often how arm and shoulder problems like tendinitis develop, a pitcher throwing so hard that his arm threatens to fall off. There’s no need to do that. You can ease up on it somewhat and still throw with good velocity and control. And if I might make a suggestion—I don’t know what arm angle(s) you use, but if you throw sidearm at all you might try working with the crossfire, which is a move that works only with that delivery. And if you’re looking for a changeup that isn’t hard on the arm at all, try the palm ball, which is thrown with the same motion and arm speed as the fast ball. I used to use that as a changeup. (Not having a fast ball to speak of, I had to become a snake-jazz pitcher and throw lots of breaking stuff.) 8)

With your velocity and your dedication the only reason i couldnt see you making the team is another injury or not locating. If you dont make the team I would suggest a community college or antoher school.

Good luck when tryouts come and congratulations about doing something about it when most people wouldnt

Yea, how did tryouts go this fall big guy??